Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy (Late) Halloween!

Happy belated Halloween, everyone! I don't know about you, but it's tradition for us, like so many others, to go out trick-or-treating! But of course, to go trick-or-treating, you have to dress up. I mean, it's not a law, but just one of those unspoken rules that must not be broken.
 For weeks I had been trying to figure out what to dress up as. I didn't want to be a ghost, because even though it's an easy costume, everyone dresses up as a ghost. I thought of being a witch, but I wanted to be more original than that. I was running out of time, so I had to choose something that I already had the materials to make. Finally, I came up with the idea of being a duck. Lilly had a yellow dress, and we had tons of yellow feather boas. Don't ask--we seem to accumulate the oddest things. So, I put on the yellow dress and wrapped myself with feathers. But that just wasn't enough. I decided a beak and feet was what I needed. I took some light-weight orange craft foam and rolled it into a cone shape. I glued the corners down, tied a rubber band around it, and voilĂ , I had a beak! I cut out some duck feet shapes from the foam, too, and taped them to a pair of shoes.

 Here's a picture taken a couple days before Halloween--I wasn't quite sure what to do about the shoes yet, so the feet look a little funny.

Wings down:

A close-up:

And the beak:

Here are the pictures from Halloween night! I went trick-or-treating with my friend Stephanie, who was extremely last minute with her costume; she decided a half hour before we left! If you can't tell, she's a mummy. 
Please excuse the flash! (Also, notice my feet! The shoes are finished! Score!)

It rained right before we left, so it was damp outside, but not cold at all. And, it didn't rain at all while we were trick-or-treating! Bonus!

Aaaaand a close-up:

Before long, Stephanie and I started our ultimate quest for maximum candy!
I like the pictures Skye takes, and I like that she takes them, but sometimes, she just gets too carried away! Stephanie and I just couldn't wait to get going! Skye took this one of us as we were walking down the driveway.

Halloween just might be my favorite holiday. I love dressing up, and seeing other people's costumes! (Not to mention all that CANDY!) How was your Halloween? What did you do to celebrate, if you celebrated at all? What did you dress up as? I'd love to know!
This has been Dani the duckling, dabbling in Halloween goings-on and candy relations. Over and out!


  1. Dia duit, Dani!

    You and Stephanie both look really awesome! For Halloween, I borrowed some of Kaya's clothes and dressed as a Native American. I got a bunch of candy! :)

    <3 Saoirse

    1. That's such a cool costume idea! Did Kaya and Josefina go with you?
      Don't you just love candy? :) What's your favorite kind?

  2. Hi Dani!

    Wow, what awesome costumes! Zoe was a witch and I was a black cat for Halloween. I know that's very unoriginal, but we still had fun trick-or-treating! I'm glad to hear that you did too!

    - Charlotte & Zoe :)

    1. I saw your blog post about your costumes! Meh, it's ok if your costume isn't very original. If you had fun, that's all that really counts! :)

  3. What creative outfits! Adorable! We'd LOVE it if you checked out our blog, we are trying to reach 100 followers and we need your help!

  4. Thank you! Actually, I think I already follow your blog! :) I'll double check, though. Nonetheless, I still read and enjoy your blog! :D