Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA so much lately. I haven't gotten a chance to blog in weeks! Well, anywho, today is Valentine's Day! We don't normally do a whole lot to celebrate, but sometimes I have a party. This year, we all just decided to dress in festive colors and exchange valentines.

Dressed in reds and pinks and whites, we all gathered around, cards in hand, to exchange the valentines we had made for one another.

Azalea handed me her card. "You make my heart skip a BEATle" it read. Azalea loves The Beatles, so naturally her valentines would follow that theme. 

Here I am with all my cards! 

Every card was handmade, and had some sort of cute little pun on it. Some even had stickers!

This is what Skye got for me! Her card was so cute; it had a little bear sticker, and said "I can't BEAR to be without you!" She also got me big Hello Kitty stickers and a box of chocolates (which I will be hard pressed not to eat the entirety of tonight!)

We also went out for breakfast (a Valentine's Day tradition), and then played in the new snow most of the day. I like Valentine's Day (mostly because of the candy!!), but it's not my favorite holiday. What was your day like? What's your favorite holiday?
This has been Dani, dabbling in lovey-dovey festivities. Over and out!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saoirse Visits!

Hey guys! This weekend, my good friend Saoirse came to visit! I always have a really good time when she and her friends come to visit, but this time was especially interesting.

Saoirse arrived, along with Julie, Ivy, and a girl who I could have sworn I had met before...

"SAOIRSE!!" I screeched, running up to hug her. Azalea excitedly strolled up to a slightly less impressed Julie, the always sunny Ivy at her side. The other girl held back a little, but I couldn't help but stare at her.

"Tá sé chomh maith a fheiceann tú! It's so good to see you!" Saoirse exclaimed. 
"I'm so excited you're here!" I beamed, stealing a few glances at the new girl.

Saoirse must have noticed the wandering of my eyes, as she took a few steps back and gestured to the girl. "Dani, this is the new arrival, Addy Walker!"

"Hi!" she smiled at me. I stared back, dumbfounded. 

My eyes shifted focus to the doll Saoirse held in her arms. Addy.

I then looked to the corner where our newest girl stood. Addy. Suddenly it all clicked. That's why she had been so familiar all those months ago, when we first met.

I stood there stuttering for a moment, trying to find an explanation, when Lilly glided over. "Allow me to elucidate," she said. 

"Our Addy, the first human version you met, is Addy Walker from 1864."

"The version you knew of first, the doll, is Addy Walker as well, also from 1864."

"The version you have just been introduced to, also the human version, is Addy Walker from 1864, too."

Saoirse watched Lilly, wide-eyed and mouth hanging open. 

Stephanie stood in the back, listening in on the conversation, a thoughtful yet slightly confused look on her face.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Deirdre behind me, also listening in. 

As well as shooting Saoirse dirty looks, though she herself was obviously interested in our conversation.

"You know everyone here is a time traveler. The little known fact is that time travel and interdimensional travel go hand in hand; one does not exist without the other. What is happening here, in the moment we are currently in, is a prime example of this. There is an infinite number of dimensions, and therefore an infinite number of both you and I. Every second you are alive, and dead for that matter, every action you perform, there will always be another one of you doing it, forever. For every decision that you make, there is another one of you for every possible outcome that could happen from the choice you make or don't make. Every movie you see, book you read, toy you play with, the characters and beings exist in alternate dimensions. What we see here are Addys from multiple dimensions coming together, not uncommon at these time traveling bases. Saoirse's doll Addy is just as much Addy as these two other Addys are, they're just different dimensional forms." Lilly informed us, pausing to take a breath.

"And who knows? Maybe, we're all just dolls."

Friday, January 10, 2014

Long Time, No Blog!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been SO long since I last blogged! I haven't had much time since I checked in last--my school has semester courses only, and since it's a private school we have finals, even though I'm technically in middle school. So, before my vacation, I was studying for my exams, on top of preparing for the upcoming holidays. Nevertheless, I'm here now, and I'm gonna give you the lowdown on what I've been up to!

Way back in November, before Thanksgiving, Azalea and I went to visit Saoirse and her friends at the SMTTB! It had snowed that night, and the next morning we went out to play! However, we really only ended up all huddling together and then going inside, as it was colder than a refrigerator on Pluto! And Julie wasn't even wearing a coat or boots!

This was taken on Thanksgiving. Emily let me borrow her pretty purple dress for the occasion, as when we go to Skye's grandparent's house for the meal, we get our family pictures taken, and we have to look nice. It had warmed up considerably from when I had seen Saoirse just a few days before!

You can see the details of the dress better here, as well as the hair ribbon and my earrings, which are my two favorite colors! I thought that pair matched the dress perfectly. 

From that point until the start of vacation is all a blur of cookies and essays and shopping and studying. The moment I got home from school on the Friday before Christmas, I fell asleep on the couch! On Christmas morning, I ran down the stairs to where I had hung my little red stocking, and instead found this adorable one! I didn't even know they made Hello Kitty stockings!

Inside of it, I found a Cactus Pup, a tiny Hello Kitty keychain, and this sweet pink Hello Kitty hair bow, as well as an abundance of chocolates and candy which is long since gone. 

Later, when I opened my presents from under the tree, I was introduced to this delightful trio! One of them is a soccer player (like me!), the other is a ballerina, and the last is a chef. The soccer player is my favorite, of course!

Then, I opened this one, addressed to my brother Takao and I. It was this awesomelicious robot dinosaur! It walks around, moves its tail, and even moves its head and roars!

Probably my favorite present was this brand new camera, though. I love taking pictures, and this one has a bunch of new features I can try out!

For the rest of vacation, I basically just sat around in my pajamas, sleeping, playing with my pets, or working on various projects. Notice how the wall behind me is green now? It used to be purple. We repainted the room over vacation. The green is so much lighter than the purple was, and makes the room feel brighter and certainly more spacious!

I was supposed to go back to school on the second of January, a Thursday, but we were due for a big storm, and so we had a snow day! The storm got worse that night, and we ended up having Friday off too! It felt like a New Year miracle. The weather has been having a very hard time making up its mind lately; earlier this week we got lots of rain, but the very next day temperatures were in the teens and continued to drop throughout the rest of the week. Some mornings I was waiting at the bus stop in sub-zero weather! Today it was warmer, so Azalea and I went outside to explore and try to built a fort or have a snowball fight.

However, the snow was extremely icy, and extremely slippery! I ended up falling on my butt while we were walking.

"I think my bell bottoms are getting wet," Azalea sighed as I picked myself up from the slippery ground. "I'm also super cold. This weather is bogue."
"Maybe if you had put on some gloves, you wouldn't be so chilly." I retorted.
"Ugh, stop harshing my mellow," she breathed calmly. "Why are we still out here? The snow's too icy to pack, and it's cold enough to shatter vinyl. We could go back inside and get some cocoa, you know."
The idea sounded good to me. So, we trudged back through the icy snowy mess, to the warm and dry indoors.

Happy (belated) New Year! I hope 2014 is your best yet. One of my resolutions was to blog more, and I can't make any guarantees, but I can certainly try! What have you been up to? How were your holidays? I'd love to know!
This has been Dani, giving her friends of the interwebs a long overdue check in. Over and out!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Long time no write, am I right? Happy (belated) Halloween! I hope everyone had a fun and safe night last night. It was raining here, but nevertheless we still went out trick-or-treating!

This year, I decided I would be a spider! The purple things under my arms are my extra legs, and I have two extra sets of eyes! My haul from the night lies at my feet.

I had some webs attached to my arms, too!

A closer look at my extra eyes!

I buddied up with Azalea to go trick-or-treating. Technically, Azalea isn't in costume; that's how she normally dresses. However, it was pretty last minute, and she decided it would be fitting.

Now I just have to be careful not to eat all my candy in one sitting! I'm no expert when it comes to self-control, especially with regards to candy. 

I can't believe it's November already! Where has all the time gone? I'm really sorry I haven't been posting very much! I had so much planned for you guys, but I've been WAY busier than I expected! I'll definitely try to post at least twice more this month. How was your Halloween? What do you do to celebrate? 
This has been Dani, dabbling in Halloween shenanigans. Over and out!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Back to the Grind!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I've been SUPER busy with everything! Soccer practices, piano lessons, homework, school--I've had barely any free time!

I've had soccer games every weekend, and 3 hour practices Monday through Friday after school. 

On top of all that, I started my 8th grade year, and there is definitely more work! 

These are some pictures from the first day. I go to a private school, so we have to wear uniforms. This is my last year at the school, though, even though it goes through to high school; since I don't really age (because of the whole time traveling thing), it would be hard for me to go through high school with other kids, but still technically be a middle schooler. I'll keep being educated, but next year I'm probably going to be schooled through the MMTTB.

Sorry for not having posted in so long! It certainly feels good to be back, though. I have so much planned for fall! What have you been up to? Are you excited about fall?
This has been Dani, dabbling in getting back into the groove of things. Over and out!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Home Again!

Hey guys--sorry I haven't posted in a while! This post is certainly long overdue! Well, I returned home from Michigan early Saturday morning on the 17th of August. 

On our way home, though, we stopped by Niagara Falls on the Canadian side! It was around 9:00 at night when we got there, so it was pretty dark. The falls were all lit up, though, and it was so gorgeous! You could feel the ground under you vibrate as the sheer volume of water plummeted down. (Sorry about the quality of this photo--it was so dark, I had to use the special setting on my camera, but all of them turned out super blurry! This was the least blurry one I took.)
After spending about an hour there, we got back into the car and continued on our way home.

After about 10 more hours of driving, we finally got back to Maine! As I walked through the doors of the MMTTB, I heard one of my friends exclaim, "She's back! She's back!" and I was greeted by everyone waving at me frantically.

Molly, Emily, Nicki, and a girl I had never met before ran over to me. 

"It's so great to see you again Dani!" Molly squealed. Emily beamed at me.
"I'm so excited you're back! I missed you so much! Nicki cheered. "Oh, here, can I help you with some of your stuff?" she said, reaching for my sleeping bag.
"Of course, here, let me help too," Molly said, tugging at the strap of my backpack.

"Thanks everyone! It's great to see you all again, too!" I said as they backed away from me, bags in hand. "You can just put my stuff on the ground, I'll unpack later," I told them. 
"Why don't we go sit down? You must be tired," Emily said softly.

Everyone took her suggestion, and we all went over to the beds, where only Emily and I actually sat. The others hovered excitedly around me, anticipation in their eyes.

Almost as soon as I had sat down, Molly bombarded me with questions.
"How was it? Was it super fun? I bet it was! How was Chicago? Did you like Illinois? I live in Illinois you know! I've always thought it was swell!"
"It was so much fun! Chicago was a really nice city, and Illinois was nice too, though I'm partial to Maine. Michigan was amazing! All of it was so much fun, and I can't believe I'm home again. I wish you all could have come with me, though!" I told Molly.

I turned to Nicki.
"I'm so glad you had fun, Dani! I sure did miss you, though!" she said.

"Also, we had a new arrival while you were gone!" She said, gesturing to the girl I had never seen before. 

I got up and held out my hand. "Hi, I'm Dani! I'm from modern times. Well, 2013, to be exact. It's a pleasure to meet you!" I exclaimed. 
"I'm Addy Walker! I'm from Philadelphia in 1864. Pleased to meet you!" She said to me.

As we shook hands, I looked into her eyes. I was struck with this undeniable feeling that I had met her or seen her somewhere before, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

It's good to be home again, but I sure do miss Michigan! I had so, so, SO much fun! I hope that someday I can go back. Addy is really, really familiar. I still can't figure out where I've seen her before! I'm sure I'll figure it out sometime, though. 
This has been Dani, dabbling in returning home after fun vacations and meeting new people. Over and out!