Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hello everyone! I got home from PEI a week ago, and figured it was about time I start unpacking. Unpacking always makes me feel a little sad, because my bags are still full of vacation when I'm already home. This time, though, I remembered some of my goodies from the island were still in my bag, so I guess that made it a little better. I also thought I'd take this opportunity to show you some of the cool new stuff in the room!

We got more bunk beds! And I have a loft  bed now! (Meanwhile, Saturn and Argos are very curious about where my bag has been.)

Saturn takes a good sniff of my hiking boot.

After being on the ground for years, my bed finally has a frame! And the best part is...

I can store stuff underneath it!!

Before I started taking my clothes out of my bag, I took out my souvenirs.

I got a couple of smooth rocks I picked off the beach, and this cool pin for my backpack!

It goes perfectly with my Mt. Washington pin! Maybe someday my whole bag will be covered with pins!

Finally, I got around to pulling out my clothes. My bag was so full, it practically exploded! I always tend to over pack. I wouldn't want to be unprepared!

I pulled out the two sets of drawers from under my bed and started to put my clothes away. 

Unpacking my bag made me wish I was back in PEI, but I suppose it's good to be back home, too.  How soon after a trip do you unpack? Does it make you miss your vacation spot?
This has been Dani, dabbling in the unpacking of bags and the slightest of room tours. Over and out!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Trip to PEI: Day 4

Greetings, internet pals! My last couple hours on Prince Edward Island were full of unique and breathtaking sights.

That morning, I woke up early to watch the sun rise.

The sky began as a peachy orange color, and reflected off of the water and clouds.

As it got brighter, the colors became more intense. 

The clouds were positively spectacular! They had so much texture, and captured the richer tones the sun gave off.

I turned my head all the way back and looked at the vast expanse of sky over the ocean.

As the sun began to poke through the clouds, I raced down to the beach to take a look there before it got too bright. Once the sun has come out a lot, most of the prettiest colors fade.

The sand was cool under my toes, and kind of damp, along with the early morning air. The sun began to peek over the tops of the clouds, and filled the sky with a palette of warmth.

As the sun ascended, I took one last look before heading back up to the tent to have breakfast and pack up all the camping gear before we left. 

After everything was all packed up and we had checked out of the campsite, we decided to do a little last minute sight-seeing. Our first stop:
The Bottle Houses! 

The houses are made entirely out of recycled bottles. Their creator, Edouard T. Arsenault, used over 25,000 glass bottles to construct these buildings.

The entire bottle was used, and the ends stuck out of the walls! 

If you peered through the opening of the bottles on the inside, you could see to the outside. The bottles acted as bricks, all stuck in cement. I thought that was pretty neat.

The gardens there were also gorgeous! 

There were so many different types of flowers, and they all looked so healthy! There were lots of bees there, too. You could hear them buzzing all around the blossoms! There was also a pond with a fountain and goldfish. Everything was so pretty!

Once we were done looking at the bottle houses, it was time to hop back into the car and begin the long journey back home.
I had so much fun on my trip to Prince Edward Island, and I'd love to go back someday. Until then, though, I look forward to my adventures to come! I love blogging, and I am determined to make more time for a post or two every few weeks! What have you been up to this summer? Have you gone on any trips or seen anything cool? I'd love to know!
This has been Dani, dabbling at sunrise and in bottle houses. Over and out!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trip to PEI: Day 3

Hello friends! Day #3 on Prince Edward Island was just as much fun as days 1 and 2. I spent most of my day on the beach, playing in the sand, reading a book, or swimming.

That evening, I decided I'd take a walk further down the beach to see what kind of rocks they had there. They had some smaller pebbles...

...but there were also a lot more of these brick red rocks.

The waves had made them tiny and round and smooth. I don't think I brought any of these home with me, but I wish I had!

At some point I found this crab. It was dead, but I still picked it up so I could look at it. It was pretty cool, but it still gave me the heebie-jeebies. Crabs are kind of like the spiders of the ocean. Only with claws. 

The sun began to set as I was looking at the rocks. The clouds made it look really interesting.

I stood up and turned my attention to the last sunset I'd see on PEI. 

Day 3 of my endeavor on Prince Edward Island was super fun and relaxing. Something about the ocean is so soothing, and I wish I could go to the beach every day all the time. Tomorrow, I'll post some photos from my fourth and final day on PEI, so keep an eye out!
This has been Dani, dabbling with rocks and crabs. Over and out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trip to PEI: Day 2

Hi guys! My second day on Prince Edward Island was full of activity and new things.

First, we visited the Anne of Green Gables house! I've always loved that series of books, and the mini series was really good too. We took a look around inside the house, which was pretty cool. You could look into all of the rooms, and they even had everyone's bedroom laid out! Of course, Anne is fictional, so this isn't really her house. But it's still fun to imagine!

Next, we went on the Haunted Woods trail outside of the house. In the book, Anne imagines the woods to be haunted, and they certainly look like they could be. The trees don't have any needles and it's dark and prickly and creepy. As a girl, L.M. Montgomery, the author of the books, thought the woods were haunted, too!

As I walked along the path, I felt kind of creeped out! I didn't actually believe they were haunted, but then again...

Eventually, the trail opened up to the road, and we could walk along the sidewalk to the cemetery where L.M. Montgomery is buried. Her grave is surrounded with flowers and hedges, and it's all very beautiful. 

After we checked out the gift shop and were done looking at Green Gables, we took a drive to West Point to see the lighthouse and the beaches.

It was huge! And really pretty, too! It's also an inn, so we could have spent the night there. Word has it that's it haunted, though, and we were already camping. You could go to the top of the lighthouse and look out at the cape, but Skye is very afraid of heights, and it was really crowded. 

We spent most of our time on the beach there, Cedar Dunes. The sand there was even redder than at the national park, and it had all these perfectly smooth little rocks! I just had to grab a few to take home. The water was also uber-duber warm--even warmer than the water at the national park! I was amazed!

Pretty soon, we had to leave the lighthouse to get back to the campground. I wanted to watch the sunset there again! It was just as incredible as the first night. 

I had so much fun going sightseeing and swimming on my second day at PEI. It's such a beautiful island! Keep watching to see more of my adventures on Prince Edward Island!

This has been Dani, dabbling at Green Gables and Cedar Point. Over and out!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trip to PEI: Day 1

Hey everyone! Yet again, it's been months since I've blogged. I'm so sorry! This summer I've been busy hanging out with friends, working on projects and trying new things. Things began to slow down last week, so Skye decided to take us to...

PEI, or Prince Edward Island!

Prince Edward Island is in Canada, and is the smallest province. There are SO many beaches, all of which are SUPER awesome! We drove all day on Tuesday and arrived later that evening. We were camping at the national park in Cavendish. Our campsite was right next to the water!

 When I woke up the next day, I put my bathing suit on and ran straight to the beach. After walking along a little ways, I got to an area full of these deep red rocks.

 And when I say full, I mean FULL.

I sat down and began inspecting these brightly colored rocks. They looked just like bricks!

Ahead of me on the beach were some amazing dunes, and you could see around the curve of the island and the beet red sand on the cliffs.

On some of the beaches, the sand is the same color as these rocks or redder. That's because it has high levels of iron that's been oxidized. In other words, it's rusty!

These rocks were almost like sandstone. I could break them in half with my bare hands! I felt like The Hulk.

I was looking for flat rocks in particular, which there were plenty of. I was going to try my hand at skipping stones.

I carefully lined up my shot, and with a flick of my wrist... landed in the water with a sploosh. I tried it a few more times before giving up. I got one of them to skip three times, but that was the best I ever did.

By this point it was about 10:30 in the morning, and it was already starting to get pretty hot. I moseyed over to a little pool and waded in. 

To my surprise, it wasn't cold at all!

After acclimating my legs a little to the water in the tidal pool, I decided I'd take a dip in the ocean. Bracing myself, I ran towards the waves...

...and was shocked to find that it felt like a bathtub! Back home in Maine, at Popham Beach, the water is freezing, and feels like ice. The water at PEI was more like lake water (except for the fact that it was really salty)!

We spent our entire first day on the beach. As the sun began to set, others gathered to watch. I had never seen such a beautiful sunset in my life! 

The colors were so intense, and the sun itself seemed ginormous! The clouds were really cool shapes too, and seemed to absorb the color.

After the sun had set, we went back to the tent and got ready for bed. We stayed up playing cards and reading, until we finally went to sleep, listening to the waves crash on the beach right outside our tent.

My first day on Prince Edward Island was awesome! It felt good to relax and play on a new beach away from home. Stay tuned to hear about what I did on day 2!
This has been Dani, dabbling on PEI. Over and out!