Monday, July 30, 2012

My Birthday!

Hello everybody! Today was my real birthday, so I got to open my presents from Skye. She told me I should wait until my real birthday to open them, and not on my party. I'm glad I waited!

                     I decided to open the purple one first, since purple is one of my favorite colors.

Tearing off the paper revealed a velvety black box, like the kind that jewelry comes in.

I tore the paper off the rest of the way.

I opened the box and let out a squeal.

It was a Hello Kitty necklace!!!

I'm not sure how Skye knew that I liked Hello Kitty, considering it's a fairly recent thing of mine. I guess I've just been talking about it a lot! :)

I grabbed a long, flat present next. Normally, that means that it's a book, but this one didn't feel like a book.

I tore at the paper and saw...

More Hello Kitty stuff!!!

They were Hello Kitty hair clips!

Here's a close up:

I picked a soft lump next, which could be two things: clothes, or a stuffed toy.

I ripped off the paper...


Here's a close up:

I tore the rest of the paper off so I could see all of her.
She's wearing ballet clothes!

Here we are together:

I reached for the last present; a flat squishy one. Clothing, I guessed.

I tore the paper off...

...and sure enough, it was clothes! This is a halter top.

These are a pair of pants.

Close up of the pants:

Here I am with all my loot!

And of course, Skye told me to try on my new clothes, which I was more than happy to do.
Skye said blue was a good color on me. That's fine by me, since blue is awesomelicious.

I had an awesome birthday. I think the Hello Kitty stuff is what Skye was hiding from me when we went to the mall! Finally, I figured it out. :) I love birthdays, no matter whose they are. My favorite things about birthdays are watching people open their presents, opening my own, and eating cake. What's your favorite thing about birthdays? 
This has been Dani, dabbling in opening presents on her birthday. Over and out!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Party!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while--I've been pretty busy all week. Last Saturday, I had my birthday party! Since it was Saoirse and Jess's birthdays too, we made it a birthday party to celebrate all of our birthdays! (Saoirse and Jess have blogs, too! You can visit Saoirse's here! You can visit Jess's here!)

I was sitting in the gathering area of the Time Traveling Base playing with some of my anime action figures, when I heard a noise.

I looked up from my game, and saw Jess! 
"YAY! YOU MADE IT!" I exclaimed as I waved excitedly at her.
"Of course I made it! You invited me, didn't you?" She responded with a smile as she waved back.

Argos, Munich, and Saturn ran over and greeted her excitedly. 

While I was talking to Jess about the doggies, we heard another noise. We looked over to see Saoirse! 

"HI SAOIRSE!" We squealed. 
 "Dia duit gach duine! Let the partying begin!" Saoirse shouted excitedly back.

And of course I invited Saoirse's friends Kaya and Josefina, too! They showed up along with Saoirse.
I don't know Kaya and Josefina very well. They're better friends with Emily, Molly, Nicki, and Laughing Spirit anyway, so they went to socialize with them.

After a little while, we heard a noise again. This time, it was Charlotte and Zoe! (They have a blog too! You can check it out here!)
"YAY YOU'RE HERE FINALLY!" we shouted excitedly.
"YES! WE ARE!" They yelled back, smiling.

We all waved and greeted each other.

After chatting and playing for a while, we decided it was about time we opened presents. Since it was technically my party, I got to go first. 
This is the present Jess gave to me.

It was a soccer goal for me to practice with!!! Thanks Jess!

Next, I opened the present Charlotte and Zoe gave to me.
They got me an MP3 player, binders with soccer pictures on the outside, and a stuffed tiger!!! Thanks Charlotte and Zoe!

Last, I opened the present Saoirse, Kaya, and Josefina gave to me. (Kaya isn't in the pictures because she was off with Emily getting her hair taken care of. It was really messy!)

They made me Pikachu, Pokeball, and tiger beadlings! They also got be a dragon SillyBand! Thanks Saoirse, Josefina, and Kaya!

Next, it was Saoirse's turn to open presents. It was, in fact, her actual birthday; the 21st of July. Mine is the 30th.
First, she opened the present from me.

It was a Red Panda Hat!

Next, she opened the present from Jess.
It was a pink and green belt/headband! Pink and green are her favorite colors!

Next, it was Jess's turn to open presents. Her real birthday is July 23rd.
First, she opened the present from me.

It was a blue monkey hat!

Blue is her favorite color, and her favorite animal is a monkey, so I asked Skye to make a blue monkey hat for her.

Next, Jess opened the presents from Saoirse, Kaya, and Josefina.
She got a blue monkey and banana beadlings, a toucan SillyBand, and a little toy turtle.

Even though it wasn't their birthdays, Skye still made stuff for Charlotte and Zoe so they wouldn't feel left out.

They got knit headbands to match the hats they got for their birthdays!
In the picture, though, Charlotte is wearing her headband like a belt! Trendsetter... ^_^

Charlotte's headband/belt:

Zoe's headband/belt:

After that, we decided to take a group photo. It took a while to get everyone organized and in their places for the picture, considering there were 14 of us! :)
Ok, so this is everyone who was at my party. From the top, left to right:
Lilly, Saoirse, Stephanie, Kaely
Charlotte, Zoe, Jess, Nicki, me (Dani)
Emily, Molly, Kaya, Laughing Spirit, Josefina

When we were done taking pictures, we went inside to play and make stuff with the beads we got. Some of them were very special paper beads, made by women in Uganda. The women who make the beads do it as a job to support their families. Some of the women had jobs before where they crushed rocks by hand, all day in the hot sun, and would make less than a dollar a day. Now, they are able to roll beads at home or with friends, and they are earning 5-7 times more than what they were before. It also gives them more freedom, because they go to the market and decide which paper would make the best beads and they get to be creative. To find out more, you can watch this video.

Once we were done doing that, it was time for cake! We had lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting. 
Here's Saoirse eating her cupcake! (Excuse the quality of the following photos; our kitchen is pretty dark, so the flash had to be on.)

Here's Charlotte eating her cupcake:

And here's Jess eating her cupcake! She got frosting on her face ^_^!

Not very long after that, we went out to the tent to sleep. When we got up in the morning, we had raspberry, blueberry, and chocolate waffles. Then, everyone packed up and left.

I had so much fun at my birthday party. I loved seeing and meeting everyone! My actual birthday still hasn't come yet. That's when Skye will give me my presents from her. *SQUEE* I wonder what they could be...
When's your birthday? What do you normally do to celebrate? This has been Dani, dabbling in birthday parties. Over and out!