Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dog Days at Peacock Beach!

Hey everyone! Summer is coming to a close fast, and one of my favorite places to lounge around in August is Peacock Beach. Since it's a pond, the water gets really warm, especially after heating up in the sun all summer long.

My dog Saturn got to come along, too! He's an Australian Shepherd, and he's FULL of energy, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to let him run around and do dog stuff outside. 

I picked up a stick and waved it in the air a little, trying to get his attention.

"Saaaaatuuuuurn!" I called as I whistled to him. 

He stopped his sniffing and picked up his head, his eyes suddenly intent.

I lifted the stick higher in the air and wiggled it around. Saturn sat completely still, his ears raised up in anticipation.

I quickly heaved the stick across the grass. The moment it left my hand, Saturn bolted after it, leaping into the air to catch it. 

After playing fetch for a while, I walked around and explored a bit. I looked up into the canopy and found a really good climbing tree!
I jumped up and grabbed a branch, digging my toes into the bark on the trunk to lift me up.

I shimmied up the tree a little more, reaching my arms up to the next branch.

Finally, I found a nice branch that was pretty high up. I leaned my back against the trunk and looked out through the leaves across the water. It was so sunny and glisten-y! I thought it was about time to go down and check it out.

Saturn and I climbed down onto the rocks by the water. 

I wiggled my toes in my sandals. The pond lapped the rocks and splashed my legs every so often.

I glanced over to another rock and saw what I thought was a strange looking rock. I went closer to inspect, and I realized it was clay! I had forgotten that the sand at Peacock Beach was full of clay.

I took off my shoes and shirt and hopped into the water to look for clay. Saturn had to hop in too, of course!

I put my face to the surface of the water, closely scanning the sand for grey ripples.

The closer I looked, the more I saw! I reached down and sunk my hand into the pocket of clay...

...And pulled out a fistful! 

It was SO mushy and squishy between my fingers! I could even feel some between my toes, too. 

Soon, I had a little pile going. I mushed and molded this pile into little pots and bowls and plates, but finally decided to put it back into the water and go for a swim. 

After all my climbing and running and splashing and swimming around, I was pooped! I wrapped my towel around my shoulders and went to sit on the grass and dry off. Saturn came and sat next to me, and started licking the clay and water off my arms and feet. Saturn is a really smart dog, but sometimes he does the weirdest stuff! 

I had a great day at Peacock Beach! I'm sure Saturn did, too--he slept almost the entire ride home! I'm sad that summer is almost over, though. I'm gonna miss busy days at the beach and playing outside in the sun! I like all the seasons, but I think summer is my favorite. What have you been up to this summer? What's your favorite thing to do outside? Leave a comment below--I'd love to know!
This has been Dani, dabbling in matters most "fowl" at Peacock Beach! Over and out!

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