Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The First Day of School / Apple Picking!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time--school started, and all of a sudden I got super busy! First of all, I have soccer practice for two hours after school, so I come home and I'm really tired. But, I still have to do my homework, so by the time I finish that, I'm pretty wiped, and I just feel like going to bed. Anyway, enough with the negative stuff! I still need to tell you about my first day of school!
So, I started school on September 4th. This year, I'm not being homeschooled, but rather going to a private school! It's called Chesapeake Academy, and it's grades 6-8. I'm in 6th grade. It focuses mainly on the arts, but has a great academic curriculum. It's soccer team is pretty good, too!
On the first day, I was pretty nervous. I hadn't been to school in public in a while, so I was nervous about making friends and getting to all of my classes. I saw some of my friends from elementary school, and had a couple classes with them. All of my teachers are really nice, but some of them are strict, too. Now I'm worried I might do something wrong and have them get mad at me. Skye tells me not to worry, though, so I'm trying not to. Here is my picture from the first day!

That was what my first day was like, and these past few weeks have been pretty uneventful. However, this weekend, I went apple picking!
I love going apple picking, because it gets me into the fall mood, especially if I'm feeling nostalgic about summer. We go to a place called Ricker Hill, which is extremely beautiful, and a great place to pick apples. 
First, we picked apples. We picked about 20 pounds of McIntoshes, because we think those are the best for eating (which they are!).

I reached for a bright red apple on a tall branch.

It was too tall, though, and I was feeling up for a little adventure, so I decided to climb the tree!
I reached out to the apple.

Here I am in a pile of huge apples!

Once we were done picking the apples, I decided to check out the pumpkins. It was still pretty early in the season, so there weren't as many as there could have been. Nonetheless, there were still a sizable amount to choose from.
They were huge! This one was so big, I could barely pick it up!

I balanced on top of the big pile, and pretended I was a mountain climber trying not to get caught in an avalanche.
I decided not to get a pumpkin this time, because it was still pretty early and there wasn't much of a selection. We'll probably go back in October, too, so I'll maybe get one then.

Once we were done scouting out the pumpkins, we went over to pick grapes. They had grapes this year, which was pretty new. Skye decided that we should go and see how they were, and get some if we liked them. When we were in the grape section, I looked down row after row; they stretched out so far! It was beautiful!

It was the perfect time of day to pick them, too. The sun shined through the translucent fruits, and was absolutely gorgeous.

I tested out the purple ones. They were unlike any other grapes I had had before! They were delicious!

I thought that these grapes would be a good kind to pick.

I sat in a little thicket of grass with the bunch of grapes I had just picked, and popped them one by one in my mouth. Picking fruit is always fun, because of the built in snack!
They were such a pretty dark purple color, and so juicy and sweet!

Before long, it was time to go. I snapped this picture while walking back to the car. What a pretty place Ricker Hill is.

Even though I miss summer, I like fall activities, such as soccer and apple picking. The fall foliage always gets me in a more fall-y mood, too. How was your first day of school? Have you gone apple picking yet? Do you miss summer?
This has been Dani, dabbling in first days and fruit picking. Over and out!


  1. Fun! :) I love apple picking! And cute outfit!
    ~ jess

  2. Hi Dani,

    Your new school sounds like mine, so I know you'll love it. I'm all for schools specializing in the arts!

    My first day was...about the same as it always is. Back to the grind, lol. I enjoy school, but I never enjoy the homework. I do miss summer - the lazy days I spent lounging around with a good book in hand and the days I spent road-tripping to see friends.

    I have not gone apple picking. It doesn't look like autumn around here until October - sometimes November. So, I'm not really in the mood for autumn yet. I probably won't get to go apple picking, though. My autumn activity will be more of a chore - that is, raking the massive piles of leaves that fall around the school grounds. At least I can have fun by jumping into them!

    I loved seeing your photos, though. Those grapes look delicious and much more your size than the apples! ;)


  3. Jess-Thanks!
    Sophie-It's cool that your school specializes in the arts, too! What kind of art are you into? I like school too, but I despise homework. Wow, fall happens late where you are! By November here, snow has begun to accumulate! That's too had you probably won't be able to go apple picking. Raking leaves is okay, and I have actually grown fond of it over the years. That also gets me into the fall mood! The grapes were delicious! They taste completely different than the kind you buy at the store.
    Happy fall!