Sunday, August 26, 2012

"I Love Your Blog" Award!

Hi everyone! Guess what? I was nominated for the "I love Your Blog" award by Sayoko! Now that I was nominated, I have to answer some questions!

Thank the person who nominated you:
Thank you so much, Sayoko!!! :D

Tell your followers why you started a blog and why you keep doing it:
I started a blog because I was inspired by so many other blogs! Also, I thought it would be something really fun to do, because I like writing and taking pictures. I still think it's really fun, which is why I keep doing it!

Describe a usual day in your life:
I wake up around 6:30am, wash my face, and get dressed for school. I brush my hair and put it into whatever style I'm going to wear it in that day. Then, I eat breakfast (usually some cereal or a yogurt) and help my brother make his breakfast. Once I'm done eating my breakfast, I feed my dogs. After that, I brush my teeth and pack my backpack with whatever I'll need for that day. Then, around 7:30am, Skye drives me to school. School starts at 8:00, and ends at 2:30. When school is over, I go to soccer practice for two hours. Around 4:30, Skye picks me up from soccer practice, and I go home and do my homework and help my brother with his. Sometime between 5:00pm and 8:00pm we have dinner; we don't have a specific dinner time. After dinner I finish the rest of my homework if I had any left, then I play with my toys or read a book until I have to go to bed, around 10:00pm.

What was your best collaboration?
My best collaboration was definitely the triple birthday party I had with Saoirse and Jess, also featuring Charlotte & Zoe!

What was your worst collaboration?
I've never had a bad collaboration, and I couldn't imagine having one! :)

Nominate five other people for this award:
1. Sabine, Sandrine, and Julien from
2. Inky from
3. Addie from
4. Piper from from
5. Samantha from

Thank you so much for nominating me, Sayoko! And thanks everyone else for reading and commenting on my blog! It really does mean a lot to me, knowing that people are reading and enjoying my blog! Thanks!
                             This has been Dani, dabbling in blog awards. Over and out!


  1. Merci, Dani, for nominating us! It means so much to us that you like our blog. We love yours, too, and we are glad that we found it! :)
    Gros bisous,
    Sabine, Sandrine, et Julien

  2. Dia duit, Dani!

    Congrats on the award! You really deserved it! I LOVE reading your blog and Facebook page! In fact, reading your blog was how I first met you!

    Congrats again!