Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quiet Afternoons

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted recently; I've been super busy with school projects and soccer and piano practices. Once school is over, though, I'll definitely be posting a ton more. Today, I was outside playing with Argos when I heard footsteps out of nowhere.

Lilly and Deirdre were finally back from wherever they went after Saoirse's visit.

I, of course, was curious as to what was going on, so I followed them over to the steps, sat down, and tried to talk to Deirdre.

After a few "hellos" and "how are yous", I asked why she had stormed out so quickly. She stared into my eyes a few moments, before saying:
"I know Saoirse better than you do, Dani. Don't trust her."

I slowly got up off the step and watched as she and Lilly went inside.

Now I'm REALLY starting to wonder what happened between those two! I'll get to the bottom of this, sooner or later.

With that aside, here are some more pictures of Lilly and Deirdre outside in their elegant dresses.

This has been Dani, dabbling in family feuds and quiet spring afternoons. Over and out!


  1. Those Dresses are adorable! Where did you get them?

    1. Thank you! We ordered them online from Carpatina.

  2. Salut, Dani!
    I love the style of your shirt! I would love to find something similar, but with different colored stripes. I'm a redhead, and yellow does nothing for me. It looks fabulous on dark-haired girls like you, though!

    The Carpatina dresses are gorgeous, by the way!

  3. Hi Sabine!
    Thank you! I think my shirt was on clearance at Target (yay!), and I'm actually quite surprised at how well it fits. The design looks pretty simple, and you could probably make up a pattern similar.

    I like the Carpatina dresses, too! All of their clothing is so pretty, and so well made. I've been thinking about getting a kimono from them... ^_^