Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saoirse's Visit, Part 1: Saoirse's Arrival

Hey everyone! This week we had Friday off, so we had a long weekend! I figured this long weekend would be a good excuse to spend some quality time with friends, so I invited Saoirse and some of her time-traveling buddies over. 

Saoirse and her friends had to do a little walking to get to the Midcoast MTTB. Sometimes, the time machines don't drop you off at exactly the right place, and you're left somewhere having to walk to your destination.

Lucky for them, they didn't land too far away.

Before long, they were right where they needed to be.

Saoirse climbed right up onto the porch and waltzed right in. 

They came in rather quietly, as nobody heard them at first.

Everyone was chatting quietly or piddling around.

Saoirse came closer and excitedly called out, "Dia duit, Dani!!!"

I turned, surprised to hear her. When someone arrives by time machine, you never know quite when they are actually going to arrive, which is a bit ironic if you ask me. 

"SAOIRSE!" I squealed, running to greet her.

I gave Saoirse a big hug. I haven't seen her since this last summer!

Saoirse stepped back and gestured to the two friends she had brought with her. I had heard about them them on her blog, but I had not yet met them in person, so this was our first formal introduction.

"This is Caroline," Saoirse said.
"Pleased to meet you," Caroline said as she dropped into a little curtsy.

"And this is Julie." Saoirse said, rather sourly. 
In return, Julie gave a rather sour expression.

After inviting them to take their coats off, I introduced Saoirse to our new girl.
"There she is, over there," I said, motioning towards Deirdre, who has befriended Lilly.

They turned to us and Lilly smiled and waved. 
"Hey Saoirse! Nice to see you again!" She exclaimed.

We stepped a bit closer.

Saoirse, this is Deirdre, Deirdre," I stopped.

Deirdre stepped closer to Saoirse, her face twisting into a scowl that could make the paint peel off a wall.

For a moment, I was utterly confused. Then, realization hit me. I stared at Deidre, my mouth hanging open.

I turned and stared at Saoirse, mouth still wide open. Could it be? I wondered. 

Deirdre was still glowering at Saoirse, but took a step back.

Deirdre gave Saoirse the dirtiest of looks, and glared at her with the utmost hate and resentment.

Saoirse was paler than a ghost, and stared blankly back at Deirdre.

Deirdre lowered her glare and glowered at the ground a moment before taking a few steps back, and running out.

Saoirse stared after her, as did I, dumbfounded. Lilly looked back at us, confused and upset. 

We all stood that way for a moment, watching Deirdre run out the door.
"Deirdre, wait!" Lilly said.

Lilly ran after Deirdre, and right out the door. 

I turned to the extremely pale Saoirse, unable to comprehend.
"Saoirse, what happened?" I asked, stupefied. 
She slowly turned to me, eyes glistening and body shivering.
Not quite meeting my gaze, she barely whispered...
"Deirde, Dani. Deirdre is my cousin."

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