Monday, September 2, 2013

Home Again!

Hey guys--sorry I haven't posted in a while! This post is certainly long overdue! Well, I returned home from Michigan early Saturday morning on the 17th of August. 

On our way home, though, we stopped by Niagara Falls on the Canadian side! It was around 9:00 at night when we got there, so it was pretty dark. The falls were all lit up, though, and it was so gorgeous! You could feel the ground under you vibrate as the sheer volume of water plummeted down. (Sorry about the quality of this photo--it was so dark, I had to use the special setting on my camera, but all of them turned out super blurry! This was the least blurry one I took.)
After spending about an hour there, we got back into the car and continued on our way home.

After about 10 more hours of driving, we finally got back to Maine! As I walked through the doors of the MMTTB, I heard one of my friends exclaim, "She's back! She's back!" and I was greeted by everyone waving at me frantically.

Molly, Emily, Nicki, and a girl I had never met before ran over to me. 

"It's so great to see you again Dani!" Molly squealed. Emily beamed at me.
"I'm so excited you're back! I missed you so much! Nicki cheered. "Oh, here, can I help you with some of your stuff?" she said, reaching for my sleeping bag.
"Of course, here, let me help too," Molly said, tugging at the strap of my backpack.

"Thanks everyone! It's great to see you all again, too!" I said as they backed away from me, bags in hand. "You can just put my stuff on the ground, I'll unpack later," I told them. 
"Why don't we go sit down? You must be tired," Emily said softly.

Everyone took her suggestion, and we all went over to the beds, where only Emily and I actually sat. The others hovered excitedly around me, anticipation in their eyes.

Almost as soon as I had sat down, Molly bombarded me with questions.
"How was it? Was it super fun? I bet it was! How was Chicago? Did you like Illinois? I live in Illinois you know! I've always thought it was swell!"
"It was so much fun! Chicago was a really nice city, and Illinois was nice too, though I'm partial to Maine. Michigan was amazing! All of it was so much fun, and I can't believe I'm home again. I wish you all could have come with me, though!" I told Molly.

I turned to Nicki.
"I'm so glad you had fun, Dani! I sure did miss you, though!" she said.

"Also, we had a new arrival while you were gone!" She said, gesturing to the girl I had never seen before. 

I got up and held out my hand. "Hi, I'm Dani! I'm from modern times. Well, 2013, to be exact. It's a pleasure to meet you!" I exclaimed. 
"I'm Addy Walker! I'm from Philadelphia in 1864. Pleased to meet you!" She said to me.

As we shook hands, I looked into her eyes. I was struck with this undeniable feeling that I had met her or seen her somewhere before, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

It's good to be home again, but I sure do miss Michigan! I had so, so, SO much fun! I hope that someday I can go back. Addy is really, really familiar. I still can't figure out where I've seen her before! I'm sure I'll figure it out sometime, though. 
This has been Dani, dabbling in returning home after fun vacations and meeting new people. Over and out!

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