Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter guys! I woke up today to find the Easter Bunny had left a basket full of goodies on the table.

The chick I made yesterday was in there, accompanied by a new little rabbit friend! There were also a bunch of Dove chocolate eggs, and a Reese's Peanut Butter rabbit!

It was so nice outside, too, I went out to play with my new critters. I also decided to wear the same dress I wore yesterday. It's so springy, I think it's perfect for Easter!

When I came back inside, I dug into my Reese's rabbit. Reese's are my favorite type of candy–the Easter Bunny knows me so well!

For the rest of the day, I hung out in a sugar-induced coma. Skye made carrot cake cupcakes, too, and I probably polished off two or three of those, in addition to more than half of my chocolate eggs. I just love sweets, if you couldn't tell. Do you celebrate Easter? What were you up to today? What's your favorite kind of candy?
This has been Dani, dabbling in Easter excitement. Over and out!

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