Thursday, September 24, 2015

Apple Picking!

Hey everyone! Last Saturday was beautiful, warm and sunny. A perfect time for apple picking! We went to our favorite orchard, Ricker Hill. 

The first kind we picked were macintoshes. At one point, I decided to climb into one of the trees to reach a really nice looking apple.

I had to make sure I was seated firmly on the branch, and be careful not to slip.

After I had picked some up high, I hopped down and walked around to check out other trees.

Finally I stumbled upon a tree where all the apples were a beautiful red color. I knew I had to pick some of these!

Once I had picked my fill, I wandered off to explore a little. Orchards are some of favorite places. They're so pretty, and they smell so good! 

What a great day to pick apples! We ended up with a little over 30 pounds! We'll probably eat a lot of those by themselves, but the majority will be turned into applesauce so we can freeze it and use it throughout the winter. I also started school on September 7th. I'm in 6th grade at the Midcoast MTTB (that's Maine Time Traveling Base, in case you forgot!), and I'm totally looking forward to this year. I love fall! Have you gone apple picking yet? Do you like fall?
This has been Dani, dabbling in apples. Over and out!

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