Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hello everyone! I got home from PEI a week ago, and figured it was about time I start unpacking. Unpacking always makes me feel a little sad, because my bags are still full of vacation when I'm already home. This time, though, I remembered some of my goodies from the island were still in my bag, so I guess that made it a little better. I also thought I'd take this opportunity to show you some of the cool new stuff in the room!

We got more bunk beds! And I have a loft  bed now! (Meanwhile, Saturn and Argos are very curious about where my bag has been.)

Saturn takes a good sniff of my hiking boot.

After being on the ground for years, my bed finally has a frame! And the best part is...

I can store stuff underneath it!!

Before I started taking my clothes out of my bag, I took out my souvenirs.

I got a couple of smooth rocks I picked off the beach, and this cool pin for my backpack!

It goes perfectly with my Mt. Washington pin! Maybe someday my whole bag will be covered with pins!

Finally, I got around to pulling out my clothes. My bag was so full, it practically exploded! I always tend to over pack. I wouldn't want to be unprepared!

I pulled out the two sets of drawers from under my bed and started to put my clothes away. 

Unpacking my bag made me wish I was back in PEI, but I suppose it's good to be back home, too.  How soon after a trip do you unpack? Does it make you miss your vacation spot?
This has been Dani, dabbling in the unpacking of bags and the slightest of room tours. Over and out!


  1. Hi Dani, it takes me about a week to unpack from a trip! I'm usually so exhausted when I get home, coupled with the sadness of leaving vacation behind, that I don't even bother to touch my luggage for a while. BTW, I really love the new bunks and your loft bed! They look super nice. Are they comfy?


  2. Hi Sophie!
    Thank you! My bed is especially comfy. Of course I had to try the new bunk beds out, too--the bottom bunk is so cozy. The top bunk currently only has pillows and blankets, and no mattress, so it's a little less comfortable. Someday it will be, though!

    ~Dani ^.^