Friday, December 11, 2015

Feature Friday--Lilly!

Hello everyone! Sorry these posts are always so late; technically, it's Saturday! Anywho, in an attempt to continue the tradition, I'll be featuring my friend Lilly this Friday (or Saturday, if you prefer.)

Lilly is a time-traveler, so she has been to a lot of different time periods and played different characters. 

I'm so jealous of her freckles!! I've always thought they were super cute. :) She's really good at a lot of different accents, and knows multiple languages, too! 

She has even perfected countless different personalities in order to play a convincing role in the time she's in!

The Lilly I know is so smart, well-educated, and considerate of others.

I think it's remarkable that I get to know such a cool person!

Lilly is really fun to just sit down and have a conversation with. She has so many different stories from all the situations she's been in, and I love to learn about history and culture through her first hand experiences. Do you have any friends that have lots of good stories? 
This has been Dani, dabbling in time-travel and introducing good friends. Over and out!

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