Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Traveling Friends!

In my last post, I said I was going to tell you how I knew people from other times. Well, in a nutshell, they are time travelers. My mom's friend works at a branch of the Maine 2012 time-landing base, and so I meet the girls that come through. Some girls are all-out time travelers, while others only travel from their times to 2012. The girls that land at this station are Molly, Emily, Nicki, Laughing Spirit, Lilly, Stephanie, and Kaely. Here are pictures and info for all of them!

                                                         This is Laughing Spirit.

 This is Laughing Spirit Laughing Spirit is from 1764. She is a Penobscot Native American. In the corner of the picture is her doll, which her sister Singing Bird (not pictured) is holding.

This is Molly.

Molly is from 1944. She is living in America during the second world war. In the picture with her is her dog, Bennett, named after her English friend Emily who is staying with her.

This is Emily.

Emily is from 1944 as well. She is from England, but is staying with Molly and her family because of the war. In the picture, she is with her dog Yank, named after the American friends she has made.

This is Nicki.

Nicki is from Colorado in 2007. She lives on a ranch that raises pigs. She also has a horse named Jackson, and is training a dog named Sprocket to be a service dog.

This is Lilly.

Lilly is a time traveler. She is from 1904, but has been time traveling for about 20 years. She doesn't age, though; when you are traveling through time you don't age, they've found. Lilly doesn't have any pets, but she has a lot of different clothes, from all the different times she's been to. Although, she mainly sticks to times between the 18th and early 20th centuries.

This is Stephanie.

Stephanie is from my present time (2012). She is on the same time schedule as I am. Her dog, Sparkles, is in the picture with her.

This is Kaely.

Kaely is from my present time (2012) too. She is also blind.  Even though she can't see,  she still functions like a normal person, and really isn't that different. She's really nice, too. My mom's friend (the one I live with) is working on getting a rescue dog to train as a seeing eye dog for her. :)

Those are all the girls that land at this station. All of them are so nice; I'm so glad I've met them. Who are your friends? Do you know anybody from different times?
This has been Dani, dabbling in time travel. Over and out!


  1. Wow, you know a lot of people from different times! The only people I know who are from different times are my friends Kaya and Josefina. Kaya is from 1764 just like Laughing Spirit! Josefina is from 1824, and Kaya lives with her family right now.

    Kaya and Josefina want me to say hi to some of your friends for them. I'm not sure how they know them...maybe they ran into each other at one of the time-landing bases?

    ~Saoirse (

  2. I've never met Kaya or Josefina and neither has Lilly, but Molly, Emily, Nicki, Laughing Spirit, Stephanie and Kaely all say they do! Tell Kaya and Josefina that they say hi back, and that we all hope to see you guys soon!