Monday, July 30, 2012

My Birthday!

Hello everybody! Today was my real birthday, so I got to open my presents from Skye. She told me I should wait until my real birthday to open them, and not on my party. I'm glad I waited!

                     I decided to open the purple one first, since purple is one of my favorite colors.

Tearing off the paper revealed a velvety black box, like the kind that jewelry comes in.

I tore the paper off the rest of the way.

I opened the box and let out a squeal.

It was a Hello Kitty necklace!!!

I'm not sure how Skye knew that I liked Hello Kitty, considering it's a fairly recent thing of mine. I guess I've just been talking about it a lot! :)

I grabbed a long, flat present next. Normally, that means that it's a book, but this one didn't feel like a book.

I tore at the paper and saw...

More Hello Kitty stuff!!!

They were Hello Kitty hair clips!

Here's a close up:

I picked a soft lump next, which could be two things: clothes, or a stuffed toy.

I ripped off the paper...


Here's a close up:

I tore the rest of the paper off so I could see all of her.
She's wearing ballet clothes!

Here we are together:

I reached for the last present; a flat squishy one. Clothing, I guessed.

I tore the paper off...

...and sure enough, it was clothes! This is a halter top.

These are a pair of pants.

Close up of the pants:

Here I am with all my loot!

And of course, Skye told me to try on my new clothes, which I was more than happy to do.
Skye said blue was a good color on me. That's fine by me, since blue is awesomelicious.

I had an awesome birthday. I think the Hello Kitty stuff is what Skye was hiding from me when we went to the mall! Finally, I figured it out. :) I love birthdays, no matter whose they are. My favorite things about birthdays are watching people open their presents, opening my own, and eating cake. What's your favorite thing about birthdays? 
This has been Dani, dabbling in opening presents on her birthday. Over and out!


  1. Salut, Dani!
    Wow, you received some awesome presents! Again, joyeux anniversaire! One of my best friends back in France would love that Hello Kitty plushie since she enjoys ballet herself and grew to like Hello Kitty back when she hosted an exchange student from Japan.
    I love birthdays, too! My best American friend, Lilly, was born on Valentine's Day, and it just matches her style completely. I love watching people open presents- sometimes I am more excited for that than they are! My favorite thing about my birthday is definitely receiving presens, even if they aren't that big. I get the more expensive stuff as Christmas gifts.
    It's weird to note that even if I do have a twin sister, it doesn't really seem to sink in that we share a birthday. Everybody is always fascinated by it, and they get crazy excited by it, and I don't even know how to react because it's just my life. It's hard for others to really understand that having a twin is just like having a sister who's a year or so younger than you. I guess being a twin just sounds cooler to people, but like I said, it's just been my life so I don't think about it like others.
    Bisous et joyeux anniversaire!

    1. I enjoy watching people open their presents, too! I know quite a few sets of twins, but it never fascinated me that they share a birthday. They're their own people, but just happened to be born on the same day. ;)

  2. Konnichiwa (and happy birthday), Dani!

    When it comes to birthdays, my favorite things are family and presents! I would say friends too, but most of them live back in Japan.

    I'm not in to Hello Kitty all that much, but a couple of my friends would do anything for a stuffed one!

    By the way, blue is a good color on you. :)
    Sore iko, Sayoko

    1. Family and friends are also some of my favorite parts about birthdays. My mom lives back in New York, though, and a lot of my friends are from different time periods ^_^ Hello Kitty is a fairly new obsession of mine, but she is just so cute!
      Thanks! I don't have much blue clothing, but I'll keep it in mind the next time I go shopping ;)

  3. Hi Dani!

    I'd say my favorite things about birthdays are watching other people open their gifts and getting some myself. It's funny, because though I really like getting presents, I've never really liked opening them. I'm always afraid I won't show enough gratitude for the things I get, and I've never really liked being the center of attention. I love making people presents though, which is why it's great to be a twin (one, we both open presents at the same time so I'm not the center of attention, and two, I get to make something for Zoe)!

    Those are some really cool presents you got! Love that halter top (blue is an awesomelicious color on you, by the way :) )

    Happy belated birthday!
    - Charlotte

    1. I feel the same way about getting presents! I always appreciate that people have thought of me, though, so I've never been disappointed or showed a lack of gratitude. I still worry sometimes, though. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a twin so that the attention wouldn't always be on me. However, I have a brother, so attention isn't always on me. I love making presents for people, too! Skye does too, which is why we get presents on any occasion that could possibly call for a present. Not that I mind that, though... ;)
      Thanks! I do like the halter top...I was in need of some more summer-y clothes! The outfit actually happens to be another creation of Skye's...she has a knack for knowing just what people need!

  4. Lá breithe sona, Dani!

    Happy birthday! Skye seems to be good at paying attention--you got some great Hello Kitty stuff!

    My favorite thing about birthdays is probably opening my present from Seanmháthair, my grandmother. She still lives in Ireland, and I haven't been able to see her in three years. When I open her present, I can imagine her wrapping it or writing the card. I really hope that she comes to visit some day, but trips from Ireland to Maine are very expensive.

    On a lighter note, I love your hair! Did you curl it, or is it naturally like that? My hair is super straight and boring. I've always wished that I had curly hair!


    1. Yeah, Skye seems really good at reading people and paying attention. I love the Hello Kitty stuff I got! I hope your grandmother will be able to visit you sometime soon--it sounds like you really miss her! I like opening presents from my mom, because I don't see her very often. She doesn't send presents very often either, though. My hair naturally has some wave to it, but it's never really all that noticeable. Just around my ears, mostly. ;)

  5. Happy Belated B-day dear Dani :) You got really awesome blossom hello kitty stuff and specially the clips and the plushie!!! You looked pretty wearing the white pants and the halter top! Awwww I just came to my owner 6 months ago so I have never experienced a b-day once I have it on 18th jan I will tell my fave thing! My name is Mckenna Brooks ;) Loved your blog,followed you! Please follow me back at my owner's blog about me: