Saturday, August 25, 2012

Peacock Beach!

Hi everyone! Today, I got to go to Peacock Beach! It's not a sandy ocean beach, though. It's on a pond, and it's really quiet and calm.
                         When we first got there, I decided I would lay out my towel and lie down.
I brought Kerry with me, too!

I also brought my umbrella, even though it was pretty late in the day and I probably wasn't going to get sunburned.

I decided to take a nap before I went swimming, because I was feeling kind of tired, and everything was so calm and relaxing.

When I was done taking a nap, I went swimming. Then I sat on the rocks and ate dinner while watching the sunset. :)

I'm kind of sad summer is coming to an end. How's your summer been? Have you been swimming at all? Have you gone to the beach? 
This has been Dani, dabbling at Peacock Beach. Over and out!



  1. Konnichiwa, Dani!

    You're lucky to get to go to a beach! I live in Tennessee, and there are no beaches here (but plently of ponds). You take some great pictures! Especially that last one!

    I had an... emotional summer. I saw my dad who I haven't seen in ten years. I also met Hyun-Ae, my South Korean stepsister for the first time! I've been to a beach a couple of times, while I was in Niigata. It would've been enjoyable, but I got burned by the sand and frozen by the water!

    Sore iko, Sayoko
    (BTW, I nominated your blog for the I Love Your Blog award!)

  2. Hi Dani!

    I agree - it's really sad that summer's coming to an end! I like school enough, but I like summer even more!
    My family has a lake house so we get to go swimming a lot during the summer, which is really nice on hot days. I haven't been to the beach at all though, which is too bad!
    It sounds like you had fun! And by the way, Kerry is adorable!

    Charlotte :)