Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stephanie Gets a Dog!

Hey everyone! A few days ago, my friend Stephanie and I went to the local Humane Society. We were looking for a new dog for Stephanie! A couple months ago, Stephanie's teacup yorkie Sparkles passed away. She was 10 years old, and had lived a good, long life. Stephanie missed having a dog, so she decided that maybe getting a new one wouldn't be such a bad idea.
                 "Hey, here're the dogs!" I exclaimed to Stephanie as I gestured to their cage.

"What're we waiting for? Let's check them out!" Stephanie smiled.

The dogs jumped and barked and sniffed wildly when we stopped in front of their cage.

"Which one should I look at first?" She asked me.

"I about that little one in the corner?" I suggested.

Stephanie asked the shelter employee if she could take it out and look at it. The employee gladly took the puppy out and put it into her arms. 
"I'm not sure about this is awfully cute..." Stephanie said. 
"Well, it's really little," I said.
"And pretty yappy!" Stephanie said as the little dog nearly barked its head off. Stephanie put the dog back into the cage, and requested the slightly larger dog with the pink bows.


                                                        "She's pretty cute," I stated.
                                                        Stephanie just stared at the dog.

"She reminds me too much of Sparkles," She said quietly. The dog did look a lot like Sparkles. Stephanie put the dog back and took out another doggie.

                                                   This one was really fluffy. 
                           "I like her," Stephanie said. "But she reminds me a little of Sparkles, too. Maybe we           should look at  another," she said.

This one was a beagle. It jumped up at Stephanie and I and barked excitedly. 
"You have to be careful to always keep those on a leash," the Humane Society employee informed us. "If you don't, they'll run off if something catches their eye." 
"I don't think I'll risk it. Plus, I think I'm looking for a more "lethargic" dog, so to say." Stephanie said. They put the beagle back, and pulled another one out.

This one was an adorable bulldog. He was super-duper friendly, and licked Stephanie's face gently as she held him in her lap.

Stephanie giggled and tried to pull away from it, to no avail.

She got up and plopped him on the ground. 
"Aww, you're so cute," Stephanie said as she pet him on the head. I could tell that this was the dog for her.
"I think that's the right dog for you, Steph," I told her. She looked up and smiled at me. 
"Yeah, I think so too."
"We can provide you with a collar if you come up with a name right now," the employee told us.
"Hmm..." Stephanie thought. "He looks kind of like a Meatloaf to me." She said, beaming. "Yeah, I'll name him Meatloaf!" She told us.
"Okily-doke! I'll be back with the collar in a moment!" The employee told us as he left the dog room.

He came back with a blue collar with Meatloaf's name on it. Stephanie reached out to put the collar on Meatloaf.

I can tell Stephanie and Meatloaf are going to be best buddies. I'm so glad Stephanie was able to get a new pet! I think having a new dog around will help ease the pain of losing Sparkles, even though Sparkles will never be replaced. Sparkles will keep a special place in Stephanie's heart. Have you ever lost a pet? Did you end up getting a new one? When I lived in NYC, I had a pet hamster, but it passed away a few weeks after I got it.
This has been Dani, dabbling in pet adoptions with friends. Over and out!


  1. Konnichiwa, Dani!

    I'm glad to hear about the new dog!

    Before I moved to the U.S., I had an akita named Yuro-chan. He was old, and went blind just before I turned eleven, so we had to put him down :-/. Unfortunately, Okaa-san (my mother) wouldn't let me get another pet.

    Sore iko, Sayoko

  2. Konnichiwa, Sayoko! Stephanie really loves Meatloaf, and is glad to have another dog. Akitas are so cute! My mom had one when she was a little girl, and his name was Junichi. I hope Yuro-chan rests in peace, and that someday your Okaa-san will let you get another pet.