Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hi guys! Yesterday, of course, was Christmas, and I had a great day! I would have posted yesterday, on the actual Christmas day, but we got home from visiting kind of late, and I only had time to post to my Facebook page. We opened presents, and spent time with family and friends. We also got to eat special Christmas waffles that taste like oranges! Here's how my morning went:

                    I was all snuggled up and warm in my blankets this morning when I woke up.

                                             "It's Christmas! YAY!" I exclaimed excitedly.

I looked over and saw that Nicki, Molly, and Emily were all still asleep. The agreement we have at the Time Traveling Base is that you can open your stocking before people are awake, but you have to wait for everyone before you open your presents under the tree.

I ran downstairs and looked over to the stove, where my once empty stocking had been sitting. Now, however, was a stuffed stocking ready to be opened.

"WOAH!" I said as scrambled over to the fireplace.

I grabbed my stocking and sat down next to the bookshelf and the tree.

First, I took out the candy cane. Saturn was really interested in that.

I started opening the first present.

 "UNDERWEAR! EUGHH!" I declared. Underwear is something that shows up in my stocking every year.

                                I put my underwear aside and began opening my next present.

I tore off the paper, and saw...

PONYTAIL HOLDERS!!! They even had cute little owls and mushrooms on them.

I put my hair ties with my underwear and opened the next gift.

It was a fleecy headband!

The last thing in my stocking was an oddly wrapped, heavy package.

I grabbed the paper and ripped it to reveal...

A necklace and a bunch of charms!!! You can see all the little charms here.

And, of course, in the toe of my stocking was an orange. It was really just a clementine, since I like those better, but it's a tradition to have some orange colored citrus in the toe of our stockings on Christmas.

Before long, the other girls woke up and came down to the tree. Here are all the goodies that were waiting under the tree for us! Each girl has Christmas at their own house in their own time if they can, but they celebrate here first, so Skye gets them each something.

Lilly went first. She searched under the tree for her gift.

It was a large box with really cute Santa paper.

She tore the paper off, which revealed a plain brown box. "Gee, a box! Just what I alway wanted..." Lilly said sarcastically.

She opened the box and took out a pretty porcelain doll. The doll is slightly Edwardian period looking, and Lilly is going to be traveling to that time soon, so she really liked her gift.

Laughing Spirit went next.

Once she had picked up her gift, she tore off the paper.

She opened the box and took out a long cord with pretty orange gems and brass-looking charms on it. She also got a little disco ball looking container of lip gloss.

Here are the charms. She really liked the colors of the charms and the charms themselves, and her lips had been chapped lately, so she liked her gift too.

After Laughing Spirit, Stephanie went over and looked for her present.

She grabbed it from the tree and opened it.

She got an American Girl tee-shirt! She had been needing more clothes, and she appreciated Skye's thoughtfulness.

After Stephanie it was Kaely's turn. She opened her pretty pink box and found...

A pretty stuffed turtle and lizard!

And a cool, smooth rock that Skye calls a "worry stone", because you can carry it around in your pocket, and when you feel nervous or worried you can rub its smooth surface instead of doing something like biting your nails.

Molly grabbed her present next.

She enthusiastically ripped it open, opened the box...

...And found a pretty green velvet dress! "This is so pretty!" Molly exclaimed. "Straight from 1944," Skye replied with a smile.

Emily went next. She gently picked up her box...

...carefully unwrapped it, opened up the box...

...and found a pretty purple dress! "Thank you," Emily said with a huge grin. "Yours is also an authentic 1944 fashion," Skye told her. Emily smiled larger still.

Here are the little accessories that came with her dress; A hair bow, a necklace, and white socks with lace!

Nicki went after Emily. She saw the ski helmet sitting above her package and said excitedly, "OOOH, I bet I know what's in here!!!"

She stood up and fiddled with opening the box.

She lifted off the cover, and found...

Skis, poles, and flags to mark a course! "WOOAHH!" She said as she picked up the skis and poles. "Now if only we got some snow..." But later today, we really did get snow! It was perfect Christmas snow, like the kind in movies. There wasn't enough to ski on, though!

She opened her next box, which went with her first one. These items just didn't fit in the other box.

She got the boots that attach to the skis, and of course, her helmet!

Here they are.

She opened her other package, which also went with her other gifts.

The first things she took out were her mittens and slipper socks that will keep her feet nice and warm while she's skiing.

Next, she pulled out a sweater and vest. "These will also keep me toasty while I'm on the slopes!" She said as she squished her downy vest in her hand.

At last, she pulled out her snow pants. "These will keep me dry if I fall down!"

After everyone else was done opening their presents, I opened mine. This was where I opened all my presents, and I wasn't going to go back to my house to open gifts, like the some of the other girls. So, in case you were wondering, that's why it seems like I got more gifts than they did. The first thing that I got was this huge tiger stuffie. He'll be perfect as a pillow for my bed, or something to cuddle with!

Next, I opened a squishy package.

It was a cute red vest! "This should keep me warm when I go outside!" I said.

After a little while, I opened another one.

This one had a pair of black leggings and a while long sleeve tee shirt! Yay!

After eating a few chocolates, I decided to open another one. I tore off the paper...and opened the box...


"YAY YAY YAY!!!" I said loudly and excitedly as I put them on my hands. 
I was really, really excited.

After I was done freaking out, I put them on my feet, where they're supposed to go. I love them!

I was watching my brother open a few presents and helped him put some stuff together when I spotted one little tiny present hiding behind the tree.

"Hmm, I didn't notice this one here before..." I said. "Oh, yes! Open it," Skye said, trying to hide her huge grin. I smiled and took the present out.

I lifted the cover off and saw a little card made from wrapping paper.

I took it out and read it.

"Close your eyes!" It said. "Hmmm..." I said, confused. "Go ahead, close your eyes!" Skye urged me.

I sat there and awkwardly closed my eyes. "Keep them closed!" Skye said as I heard her walking out of the room. I was getting really curious as to what was going on.

I could hear Skye walking back into the room, and then she placed something really warm and wiggly in my lap.


I hugged them closer. They were so warm and fuzzy and cute and adorable, I just couldn't hardly stand it.

Here they are. I'm not sure what I should name them; I've been reading the Odyssey in school, and I really like the Greek names. Skye keeps telling me I should name then Odysseus and Telemachus, but I'm not entirely sure.

Argos, Munich and Saturn were awfully curious as as well, and had to check them all out and see what was going on.

Here I am next to the tree with all of my critters. 

So, that's how my Christmas morning went. I'm so thankful for all that I have, and that my friends and I are able to enjoy the luxury of getting gifts. Skye, my brother and I spent the rest of the day hanging out with family and friends, and just enjoying the holiday. 
I absolutely positively adore my little kittens! However, I'm really not sure what to name them. Do you have any ideas? What would you call them? And how was your Christmas? What was the highlight of your day?
This has been Dani, dabbling in opening presents with family and friends on a fine Christmas day. Over and out!


  1. Dia duit, Dani!

    Your kittens are adorable! I also really love the boots you got. It looks like everyone at the MTTB had a great Christmas!

    ~ Saoirse

    1. Hi Saoirse!
      Thanks! The kittens are really super adorable. But I still haven't decided on any names! Do you have any ideas? I really love the boots I got, too! They're uber-duber warm. We all had a great Christmas! :D

  2. Hi Dani!

    You got the same winter outfit as Zoe did! Isn't it adorable? She loved the boots too!

    I've been reading the Odyssey too - what a coincidence! If they're boys, then maybe you should call them Odysseus and Telemachus, but I like the names Penelope, Calypso, Circe, and Athena if they're girls.

    It looks like you had such a great Christmas! Hope to see you soon - Zoe and I have presents for you guys!

    - Charlotte & Zoe :D

    1. Hi Charlotte!
      I really like the winter outfit--the boots are definitely my favorite part. ^_^ Wow, you're reading the Odyssey, too? What a coinky-dink! Ergh, I'm having such a hard time deciding on names! Both the kitties are boys, so it's looking like Odysseus and Telemachus is what I'm going to name them. I'm really bad at making decisions, though!
      We did have a really great Christmas! I hope to see you guys soon--I have gifts to give too! :D

  3. Salut, Dani!
    It sounds like you had quite the Christmas! You're going to look so cute in that outfit; red definitely suits girls with dark hair.
    The kittens are adorable, too. That was a nice surprise!

    1. Hi Sabine!
      We did have quite the awesome Christmas, if I do say so myself! :) Thank you! Skye says I look good in red, too. The kittens were definitely a great surprise--I wasn't expecting them at all! I hope you and your family and friends had a nice Christmas, too! :D