Thursday, December 27, 2012

There's No Day like a Snow Day!

Hi there everybody! It's been snowing like mad today, so I decided to trek out into the blizzard!

                                      Here I am all bundled up and ready to play in the snow.

I trudged through the snow into the woods.

I came upon a little cave, and peeked inside to see if there was anything hiding from the snow in there.

That gave me the idea to pretend I was weary traveler, trying to find shelter from the snow.
I searched the woods for something that would give me shelter. I found this tree with low-hanging branches and sat underneath it. 

The snow still fell on me, though, and the tree provided no shelter from the wind.

So, I kept looking for a little place to rest. 

Before long, I came to a mysterious fortress. I looked under the stairs, and found a warm looking little spot that was blocked from the snow. I (the weary traveler) crouched down and rested for a moment. 

Once I was done being a traveler, I scouted out a nice patch of perfect snow.

I surveyed the area, and decided it would be perfect for making snow angels. 

I flopped down and waved my arms and legs back and forth, feeling the snow fall on my face.

I stumbled up from the ground...

...and looked at my snow angel.

Here it is!

After I made my snow angel, I got to work on a snowman. 

The snow wasn't very sticky, so I just made a little snowman.

Here he is. 

I decided he really needed some arms, though, so I went over to these dead little plants and pulled off a few pieces.

I shoved the sticks into his middle part. Arms!

Here he is with his cute little arms!
I didn't put a face on him, though, because I couldn't find any suitable pieces, and I was getting kind of cold.

Since I was feeling cold, and I had been outside for a while, I came inside. 

I took off my gloves and my scarf...

Then I unbuttoned my coat...

And took off my coat...

And took off my boots. 

I took all my stuff and put it upstairs next to the heater so it could dry off.

When I was done with that, I settled onto the couch with a book and some magazines, my bear, a nice cozy blanket, and a hot cup of cocoa with little marshmallows.

I love winter!

So, that pretty much sums up what I did today. How was your day? Have you gotten any snow yet? What are your favorite things to do in the snow?
This has been Dani, dabbling in the snow. Over and out!

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  1. Dia duit, Dani!

    It looks like you had a fun snow day! I had a lot of fun in the snow today too. I love making snow angels!

    ~ Saoirse