Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting a Christmas Tree!

Hey everyone! Last weekend, we went to cut down our Christmas tree! We went to cut down the tree in the woods behind the Time Traveling Base. I would have posted earlier, but I've been really busy this last week.

We ventured into the woods, and I scanned the horizon for a nice looking tree. Most of the trees were "Charlie Brown" trees, and were kind of sparse and sad looking.

    I waded through the leaves and tall grass in the cold. My jacket hood was really toasty against my cheeks, though, and my face felt nice and warm.

                    We had to find one soon, before it got dark, and the sun was setting fast.

                                         We came up to a little patch of wispy evergreens.

Here's one of those Charlie Brown trees I mentioned. Definitely not very full, but I guess it was kind of cute.

                            I looked over, and I saw it. I eagerly pointed to the perfect little tree.

                                        This one was really full, and was just the right size.

                                        I was so excited to have found such a nice little tree.

                   It was kind of tilted, but that was ok, since we would be cutting it down anyway.

                                      After Skye sawed it down, I grabbed it by the the top...

                                              ...and pulled our little tree back to the base.

     Once I had gotten into the Time Traveling Base, I had to put it on the tree stand. Molly helped and    
             held the tree so it wouldn't fall over. Saturn had to come check it out and "help", too!

  The tree stand helps the tree to stay upright, and you can pour water into it so that the tree doesn't 
  dry out.

                                                      Saturn really wanted to help! :D

                                          After I got the stand on, Molly and I stood it up.

                         Saturn felt the need to sniff and jump all over the tree. What a silly dog.

                  I got out the box of ornaments and the lights so we could decorate the tree!

                                                         Molly strung up the lights.

                    While Molly was doing that, I looked inside the box, and pulled out the tinsel.

                                                     Then I pulled out a few ornaments.

                          Once she was done with the lights, she helped me string up the tinsel.

                       I dumped out the rest of the box, and the ornaments rolled onto the floor.

                     We each grabbed a few bulbs, and hung them one by one on the branches.

                The last thing we always put into the tree is the angel. She's the finishing touch!

                                                    She was handmade by Skye's aunt.

           I couldn't reach the top even if I stood on my tippy-toes, so I had to stand on a box.

                                                  I reached up and placed her on the top.

                                   She sat down nicely, and looked so comfortable up there.

                                        Finally, Molly and I had finished decorating the tree.

Christmas is only a few days away, and I'm super excited! Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you cut down a tree, or do you have an artificial one? If you don't observe Christmas, what holiday do you celebrate? How do you celebrate your holiday?
This has been Dani, dabbling in the decoration and cutting down of Christmas trees. Over and out!


  1. Dia duit, Dani!

    Your Christmas tree is so pretty! I especially like the angel. I bet you can't see it with presents underneath! :)

    ~ Saoirse

  2. Konnichiwa, Dani!

    Your tree is so beautiful! I wish we could get a real one, but if we did, Okaa-san would be sneezing all of the time.

    We celebrate a LOT for the holidays. Along with American Christmas, we celebrate Chinese "Thanksgiving," Dongzhi (Dec. 21), Laba, a Chinese Buddhist festival (Dec. 8), Tenno Tanjobi, the birth of Emporer Akihito (Dec. 23), and Omisoka, a time for house-cleaning and visiting Buddhist temples, along with American New Year (Dec. 31), and Chinese New Year (Jan. 10- Jan 25).

    Sore iko, Sayoko

  3. Bonjour, Dani!
    Your tree looks absolutely beautiful. I love the gold tinsel.
    My personal tree is fake. It's purple and has a pink star on top. However, my family's Christmas tree is real. We always get it a week before Christmas from my city's Christmas market.
    Sandrine xoxo