Saturday, February 9, 2013

SUPER Snow Day!

Hi everyone! It's been crazy around here lately, as a wicked blizzard just passed through. It left drifts of snow taller than I am! It's absolutely insane! 

My brother and I went outside to play in it. Here, I'm not even standing on the ground! I've only sunk down until I don't sink anymore. If I dug down a bit more and stood on where I could see grass, the snow would be over my head.

After playing for a while, my brother and I had made paths through the snow so it was easier to walk around. I look like an abominable snowdani!

Here I am next to a snow drift on top of one of our shrubs. 

Here's the amount of snow on our driveway! Skye made us help shovel it all, too. :p

Here's another shot so you can see how much there was!

When we were done shoveling, my brother and I decided to build snow caves in a pile of snow. 

Here I am climbing into my little cave. Then, we built tunnels to each other's caves so we could crawl between them! That was so much fun. Do you see how this picture is kind of hazy? That's the snow blowing all around! We had strong gusts of wind, and sometimes the snow blew around so much that all you could see was the cloud of white around you.

All of this snow is from one storm! Before this, bare grass was everywhere, and even the really deep drifts were barely there. I have never seen so much snow fall all at once! Tomorrow I think we're probably going to go skiing. Have you gotten any snow? What are your favorite things to do after a snow storm?
This has been Dani, dabbling in blizzards. Over and out!

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  1. Wow I thought we had a lot of snow. You definitely got more than we did.
    Sophia and Emma :) :)