Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kaely's Birthday Party!

Hi there everybody! Today was Kaely's birthday, so naturally, we here at the Midcoast MTTB had to throw her a party!

Here's everyone all gathered around.

Here's the birthday girl!

We had a nice little mid-afternoon lunch with the main course being pizza! there was also carrots, celery, grapes, and drinks.

I bet it's safe to say everyone was pretty hungry. We all devoured our food!

A casual conversation going on here between Stephanie and Kaely.

Laughing Spirit grabs her lemonade and joins in.

Nicki, Lilly and I talking between mouthfuls of yummy pizza and sips of strawberry soda and lemonade.

Deirdre and Emily quietly listen, daintily eating celery and carrots and sip their lemonade.

When everyone was done eating and had had a chance to digest their food, we played pin the tail on the donkey! Stephanie went first. Molly was the "spinner"--it was her job to make sure the person was dizzy and confused! ;)

After stumbling around a bit, Stephanie made it over to the donkey poster, where she groped around before finally sticking the tail to the donkey.

Only, she stuck it to the donkey's nose instead of it's hind end!

After some of the other girls went, it was my turn. Molly spun me around...

...and I tripped my way over to the poster, where I stuck the tail down.

I took off the scarf to see how close I was. I had stuck the tail to the donkey's lower back, but it still wasn't right.

A few turns after me Kaely went. Kaely is actually blind, but she still put on the blindfold to get the "full experience". :) She hasn't always been blind, and had played pin the tail on the donkey before when she still had her sight.

She walked slowly over to the wall where she felt around, and stuck the tail to the donkey.

Nicki led her hand to where the donkey's tail was supposed to go and where she had put the tail to show her how close she was.

Her tail ended up being the closest!

When we were done playing the game, it was time for cake. We all gathered around the table and sang. Kaely made a wish and blew out her candles.

Here's her cake. It was a 3 layer vanilla cake with delicate vanilla icing and blueberries and strawberries. Everyone said it was delicious!

After we had cut the cake and everyone had a slice, I gave Kaely my present. Not everyone gave her presents because this was just a little party, and she would be going back to her house for her "real" party with her family and friends who don't time travel.

She opened up the box and found...

...a knit headband! I decided to use my newly acquired skills to make Kaely a present.

I used soft, squiggly yarn that's warm and cozy, and still looks ok if you mess up. :)

Here she is with it on!

Kaely said she enjoyed her party. Her favorite part was the cake! I had fun, too. ^_^ Do you like going to birthday parties? Do you like having your own? Would you rather throw a birthday party for a friend, or celebrate your own? I think I would probably rather celebrate my own, because then I get to choose the theme, the kind of cake, AND I get presents! :D Happy birthday, Kaely!
This has been Dani, dabbling in the celebration of a friend's birthday. Over and out!


  1. Wow, that looks like a fun birthday party. It is wonderful to have all those time traveling friends to come and enjoy your party with you. Kaely is lucky to have so many people that care.

    The headband is adorable and turned out really good for her, how exciting to have homemade gifts.

    Your food looked wonderful everyone must have had a good time eating and playing pin the tail on the donkey, both great birthday fun.

    Hugs, Taryn

    1. Hi Taryn!
      It was a fun party! I'm so glad everyone can be friends with each other and not be mean. I like how the headband turned out, too, even though I'm just a beginner! Kaely loves how soft and warm it is, especially in this cold weather.

  2. Hi Dani!

    It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Give Kaely a happy-late-birthday from us! And I love that headband that you made for her :)

    Hope to see you soon! Hmm ... that cake looks familiar... ^_^

    - Charlotte & Zoe

    1. Hi Charlotte!
      We did have a lot of fun! I love birthday parties. Kaely says thank you for the birthday wishes! Ah, yes, the headband...I recall Skye knitting some just like it for you guys! Oh, and the cake, of course! Skye made it using a recipe from your mom. ^_^

      I hope to see you soon, too! It's been practically forever since I saw you and Zoe!

  3. Hi Dani,

    It looks like Kaely had a great birthday party! I love all of the food - everything looks so delicious! :D

    I love celebrating my own birthday, but I also love going to friends' birthday parties. I guess I just love parties period. It's always great to get the chance to dress up and spend some time with friends, especially friends you may not get to see often.


    1. Hi Sophie!
      Everything was delicious! Food is one of the many reasons I love parties. ;) I, too, like parties because of the chance to dress up and spend time with friends! I guess that's something we have in common! ^_^

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