Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saoirse's Visit, Part 2: Outdoor Adventures

After the craziness of the previous day's events, Saoirse and I were still able to get some good playtime in. Though it had been snowing the day before, the sun showed up the next day. Any snow that was left melted away, leaving a dry, grassy yard and woods to play in!

Saoirse and I took our dolls outside, too! We played on the swingset first. 

The slide was long and wavy, but super fast!

After swinging and sliding, we decided to go explore the woods. 

We climbed up the rock wall barrier...

...Until we arrived safely on the other side, beginning out journey into the wilderness.

We decided the journey was too dangerous for our little dolls, so we left them behind near the rock wall, safe and sound.

Saoirse and I first encountered a lava sea, in which the only way to get across was this wobbly log.

I let Saoirse lead the way, as she seemed more accustomed to crossing oceans of lava.

The log was slippery and burning under us, so I had to be careful of my footing so that I wouldn't fall in.

After we crossed the lava sea, we walked through ancient ruins and barren deserts before we came to a little grove of trees perfect for climbing.

Saoirse and I climbed up so high in the trees, we felt like the queens of the world!

After that, it started getting cold, so we thought it best to refrain from any more adventure and go back inside.
I love having friends come over! I'm still a bit shaken up about the situation with Deirdre and Saoirse, though. I wonder what the story behind that is. What do you think happened? Has anything dramatic like that ever happened to you? Do you like to have friends over?
This has been Dani, dabbling in family dramas and adventures with friends. Over and out!


  1. Dea-lá, Dani!

    I'm glad you had fun after a situation like that. I would have been a little nervous!

    Yes, things like that happen to me all the time. The first was when I met my sister for the first time (she had been driven insane by a time-traveling mishap).

    I'd love to have friends over, except for the fact that I don't exist in the universe you are in (due to another time-traveling incedent in which a future me accidentally created an alternate universe). So this is actually an interdimensional comment!


  2. Hi Breá!

    I'm glad I had fun, too. Though I'm still curious about what happened between those two...
    Cool! You're a time-traveler, too? Technically, I'm not a time-traveler, and neither are most of my friends--we can just travel to different times. My friend Lilly is the only real time-traveler I know; she travels frequently between times and dimensions, and does a lot of it for research. Our type of time-travel includes interdimensional travel as well, with the thought in mind that for every moment, there is another dimension in which it went differently, which basically means that there are an infinite number of dimensions. I'll write a more in-depth post about it later, so make sure to stay tuned if you're interested!

    ~Dani ^_^