Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day/Trip to Reid!

Hey everyone! Happy Father's Day! Today, we went to Reid State Park, which has a beach, but also lots of nice hiking trails. We just had a picnic on the beach. After I was done eating, I got up to look around and play in the sand a little.

First I went over to investigate this large sandy hill.

I shouldn't really have been walking there, though, because it looked like the beach was eroding away, and more erosion may disturb the grasses further. But just look at how ginormous it is!

 Then, I searched through the piles of driftwood and detritus for cool stuff.

Look at this cool rope I found! I think the colors look like Halloween colors.

I decided to gather up some larger pieces and build a little shelter for myself.

I put the wood I had gathered down...

...and began building the frame.

My building process was cut short, though, when Skye told me we needed to get ready to go. 

I climbed inside it just to test it out. With a little more work, it would have been perfect! 

 The path on the walk back from the beach to the car was lined with all these pretty roses.

 I stopped to take a whiff. 

Here you can see just how many pink flowers there were along the path.

I had a fun making a little shelter and just hanging out on the beach, even if we didn't stay the whole day. Tomorrow is my last day of school, and I can't wait! Summer vacation, here I come!
This has been Dani, dabbling at Reid on Father's Day. Over and out!


  1. Hey Dani!

    Really pretty pictures, as always :) It looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Aren't you excited for summer?? We just got out of school yesterday, and I almost can't believe it's June again already! Looking forward to maybe seeing you guys sometime this summer!

    - Charlotte & Zoe :)

    1. Hi Charlotte and Zoe!

      Thank you! I did have quite a lot of fun! Beach trips are always entertaining. I am SO excited for summer! Yesterday was our last day as well, but we didn't do much. We just helped to clean desks and lockers, and signed yearbooks and such. We got out around noon, because the last day of school is normally a half day for us. I can't wait to have more leisure time! ^_^