Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Day of School Shenanigans!

Hello fellow interwebs users! Monday was my last day of school, so now I'm on vacation! YAY! Monday was a half day, and we spent it helping clean desks and lockers and signing yearbooks. I was planning on going to Nicki's house once I was dismissed. My bag was all packed and ready to go, so when I got home I got into the time machine and punched in the code to get to Colorado in 2007, where Nicki lives. Something went wrong, though, because I ended up somewhere I had never been before!
 I looked around me. The gardens were spectacular! It looked like Wonderland.

I set off to explore a little more.

I walked through the garden and came to a little clearing. I climbed up onto a rock and looked up over the bushes. "WOAH!" I exclaimed. You could see the ocean!

After looking for a little while, I got down off the rock and looked around the garden a little longer.

A few hours later the sun was setting and it started getting dark. I came to another little clearing, and was able to look out at a little dock, and see more of the cove.

It was getting really dark, so I found a little spot in one of the bushes near the garden, and decided to camp out there for the night. This was turning out to be a real adventure!

The next morning, I got up out of the bush and went into the garden. Lo and behold, there was my friend Saoirse! It was a really weird coincidence. She said she had been on her way to visit her friends Julie and Ivy in California in 1974, and her time machine had malfunctioned as well.

We set off down the overgrown stone path to search for a way out of here, nice as it was.

Before long, we found some really cool looking flowers.

It had the prettiest shades of purple, and was sort of spiky looking. It was huge!
There were a bunch of them, too.

We pulled back the flowers and found an emergency time machine behind the plants. I took one last look at the cove and the garden before climbing into the machine and heading home.

What a way to kick off summer! It was great seeing Saoirse, even if everything didn't go quite as planned. Are you on summer vacation yet? What are you looking forward to?
This has been Dani, dabbling in getting lost and hanging out with friends. Over and out!


  1. Konnichiwa, Dani!

    Wow! Does that sort of thing happen often with time machines and time-traveling? It sounds somewhat frightening. I've been on summer vacation for about a month, and haven't done anything nearly as exciting!

    Sore iko, Sayoko

    1. Hi Sayoko!

      I haven't done very much time traveling, so I'm not as familiar with the ins and outs of the machines. My friend Lilly is a time traveler (meaning she is trained to go and live in different times and dimensions, mainly for research), and she says that this sort thing with today's technology is relatively rare. The machines I travel in are one way machines, so when something like this happens it is unusual. I can always find ways to make my summers eventful, though sometimes it takes a little creativity. ^_^