Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dog Walking!

Hello everyone! This week has been so sneaky. It was in the 40s (º Fahrenheit) for the latter part of this week, and just when I thought spring was really here, it snows today! Most of it melted when it hit the ground, but it was still pretty discouraging. Anywho, everybody around here has been getting pretty restless, being all cooped up inside during this cold weather, so when it's warm outside everyone bolts for the door. Saturn and I are no exception!

I decided we should both head outside and get some fresh air. 

After all these warm days, some of the snow is finally melting, and you can see grass! Only in the areas where we had shoveled paths through the snow, though.

Saturn's obedience has really improved since we've been training him. Since I knew he wouldn't run away, I let him off his leash!

And of course, he immediately ran off into the snow, jumping and rolling and woofing like a crazy person--or dog, as the case may be.

"SAAA-TUUURRRN!" I called, waving a stick to get his attention. He immediately trotted right over.

He came very close to me and whined as I continued to wave the stick, begging me to throw it.

The moment it left my fingertips, he jumped up to catch it in the air, missed it by an inch, and continued running until he grabbed it and brought it back to me. This continued for a solid half hour before my fingers were so cold, I could barely hold the stick anymore.

Just as my fingers were getting numb with cold, it started getting dark outside. I put him back on his leash, and we both headed back inside.

I'm so glad I can finally go out to play without putting on 3 million layers of clothing! Saturn can actually run around without having to jump through 8 feet of snow, too. I love dogs! I guess it's a good thing we have three of them, then. Do you like dogs? If you could have any breed, which would you choose? Can you see any grass outside yet?
This has been Dani, dabbling in the delights of dogs. Over and out!

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