Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Hi everybody! Today is officially the first day of spring! We still have quite a bit of snow, but it's melting and definitely headed in the direction of warmer weather. It's been so long since I've seen grass or a living green plant, I decided I'd do something about that...

...plant flowers! 

Before you begin a messy project, you should always cover your workspace with newspaper or something to catch any spills.

I decided I'd plant some flowers, daisies to be exact. I picked up this cute little kit in the dollar section at Target.

You can use any type of pot or container you want. Basically, it just needs to hold dirt. I'm just using this regular ol' terra cotta pot. 

The first thing you're probably gonna want to do is put some dirt into your pot. We had a little pail of dirt leftover in our shed, so I decided I'd use some of that.

Once your dirt is all ready, you can take out your seeds.

 I actually got this kit last year, so I'd already used some of the seeds. It's ok, though, because I still had quite a few leftover.

Look how tiny these seeds are! The packet says to only plant 6-7. You want to leave plenty of room for each little plant to grow. 

Now, poke little holes in the dirt with the tip of your finger. You want to leave a dent, but don't poke them too deep. After that, drop a seed in each hole. Gently cover up the seeds with dirt.

Now that your seeds are all tucked in, it's time to water them! You only have to sprinkle them lightly and make the dirt damp; you don't want to drown them.

Now all you have to do is wait! Make sure the dirt is always a little wet. I'd water them at least once a day. Also, you should put them in a really sunny spot. Near a window or on a windowsill works the best. 

I hope my little seeds start growing soon! I can't wait until I have little baby plants. I hope they have really big flowers! Once it gets warmer outside, I want to plant more seeds in the ground. I think I'll start a little flower garden. Are you excited for spring? Does it feel like spring where you are? Have you started planting flowers yet?
This has been Dani, dabbling in fresh new beginnings. Over and out!


  1. Salut Dani,
    Looks fun! My dad actually bought some fresh flowers for us today. It definitely feels like spring here, with temperatures in the mid-high 50s and low 60s (Fahrenheit...hey, I'm trying with this American system!). We get more rain than we do snow, so fortunately, I haven't had to bundle up much.

  2. Hi Sabine!
    I love fresh flowers! Although, they are pretty different from having plants in a garden. We still have about a foot of snow covering the ground, though, so I guess for now they'll have to do. We've been getting more rain lately, so I think spring is right around the corner.