Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Exploration Adventure!

Today, it was so nice outside! I decided that it was just right for some exploring.

I packed my bag with everything I would need for my trip.
There's a flashlight for if I encounter any tunnels or caves, two cookies for when I get hungry, and two dog biscuits for when I get really hungry, and my cookies are all gone. Haha, I'm just kidding. The dog biscuits are for luring any wild animals away if I'm ever in danger.

This is just the bag. Don't you love the zebra print? ;)

I also brought along my sidekick (and Pokemon), Eevee. He fits right into my pocket!

I was all packed up, and Eevee and I were ready to embark on our adventure.

I turned and began to walk across the expanse of grass and into the spine-tingling depths of the forest.

After a while, I came to a HUGE tree.
I looked up at it until I couldn't bend my back any further. It was THAT big!
This is what I saw.

When I was done gazing, I continued my exploration of the forest.

I walked for a little while longer before I came to this mysterious fort/castle.

I rested against one of the beams supporting the thing, and got a good look at it.

I decided that it would be a good place for me and Eevee to go have a snack break and explore a little more. As I walked closer, I saw that the only ways up were a rope and a cliff! Since the rope didn't look too safe and I had a bag to carry, I decided the rocky cliff was my best chance of getting into the fort.
I began the treacherous climb up the steep cliff.

I was nearly to the top!

Once I was inside the fort, I looked around and checked everything out to make sure I wasn't going to fall through the floor or something. You never know.
These spaces between the wooden boards were almost big enough for me to climb through! 

I found a good looking spot for Eevee and myself, and sat down.

I reached over to my bag to get out the cookies I had brought.

I took out the cookies, and Eevee and I ate.

When we were all done eating, I put Eevee back into my pocket and got up.

I spotted a ladder of sorts on the wall, and decided to go check that out.

I climbed up the little ladder.

Once I was on the top, I saw a tunnel that was long and dark and windy.

I decided that this was the perfect time to use my flashlight! 

Not only was the tunnel long and dark and windy, it was also really dirty.
I wasn't going to be exploring THAT anytime soon.

I felt that it was about time I headed back home.
So I climbed down the little ladder...
...and looked for a way out.

I spotted what looked like a slide, and thought that that might be fun.

But upon a closer inspection, the steeper and creepier it looked.
Not to mention it was probably unstable and crawling with bugs and spiders.

Since this slide was out of the question, as well as the rope, and I had no clue where the tunnel I had investigated earlier would lead me, it seemed the safest option was to climb back down the rocky cliffs.

I made it down, and began the hike back to the base.

Finally, I had made it home again.
Thanks for following me on my adventure!

What did you do today? Have you ever been on an adventure? What was it like? I'd love to know!
This has been Dani, dabbing in adventures of exploration. Over and out!

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