Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Birthday!

Hello internet friends! Today was my birthday! The weather was just right: sunny, not humid, and with a warm breeze! The best kind of summer day. I spent most of my day playing outside with my friends at the Midcoast MTTB. Later in the afternoon, though, Skye asked me if I wanted to open presents!
"What kind of question is that?" I asked jokingly. Of course I wanted to open presents!

First, I opened the presents from Skye.

I always look at the cards first.

My card was signed by everyone at the Midcoast MTTB, and there was $50 inside! I'm going on vacation out west next week, and we're going to go to the American Girl place in Chicago, so I think I'll spend it there.

I opened one of the little pink bundles next. It was soft and squishy, so I guessed it was a stuffed animal or clothing of some sort.

It was a Hello Kitty plushie!!!

I opened the other pink one after that. 

It was another Hello Kitty plushie, only this one was shaped sort of like an egg! It was like a Hello Kitty egg!

I opened the big rectangular-ish one.

Yum! Vanilla Hello Panda cookies! These are some of my favorites, along with Yan-Yan.

I opened the last one from Skye. Isn't the paper pretty?

It was an adorable panda t-shirt!

The next present was from Skye's friend. She had been in Japan this summer, and had mentioned she was going to bring something back for me. 

I opened up the box, and this super-duper adorable kitty change purse was inside! I picked it up, and it felt like there was something inside. I unzipped it...

...and saw that there really was something inside!

It was a lucky cat, or maneki-neko, figurine! Aren't they both super adorable? Thanks, Skye's friend!

This next present was from Saoirse.

I opened up the box and unwrapped the tissue paper to find these super soft and fuzzy bunny slippers! Thanks, Saoirse!

The next present was from Jess.

I pulled the card out of the bag. Look at the pretty paper she used! I love handmade cards.

In the first package I opened up, there were these totally awesome moccasins! Jess hand mentioned in her card that she got them in Arizona. 

I opened another bundle.

Check out this mirror! Jess customized it herself by gluing sea glass all around the edges. What a cool idea! I really needed a mirror for my room, too!

I opened the last bundle in the bag from Jess.

It was this beautiful sea glass necklace! She made it herself. 
Thanks, Jess!

After putting on the necklace from Jess, I began opening the bag from Charlotte and Zoe.

I grabbed the card first. Look at their super rad handmade card! It just pops with color!

There was a tissue paper covered nub coming out of the top of the bag, so I opened that first.

It was a big Hello Kitty plush! She even had a lollipop in her paw!

I opened a little box in the bottom of the bag. It was full of colorful, handmade bracelets! 

Don't they look great? Charlotte and Zoe are so creative.

Skye then brought out a cake in a box! She said that Charlotte and Zoe's mom had made it, and sent it in the mail special so it wouldn't get ruined.
Thank you, Charlotte and Zoe!

Here's all my loot! I'm so lucky to have so many friends who think of me on my birthday.

When I was done opening presents, we opened up the cake and began cutting it! It was chocolate and vanilla layered, with creamy vanilla frosting, cherries, and chocolate sprinkles on top! It was positively delicious. 

I had such a great birthday! I love getting to open presents and eat cake. What do you like best about birthdays? What do you do to celebrate?
This has been Dani, dabbling in celebrating her birthday on a sunny summer day. Over and out!


  1. Hi Dani!

    Happy belated birthday! Zoe and I are really glad you liked the stuff we brought you! It looks like you had a really great day, full of awesome presents and cake! Hope you love being 13!

    - Charlotte & Zoe :)

    1. Hi Charlotte and Zoe!

      Thank you! I did have a really great day. The cake you made was so good! It was also so pretty, I almost didn't want to eat it. ;) I'm actually turning 12 again; because I spend so much time at the time traveling base, I don't age like most other kids. Something about time travel keeps you the same age...I begin aging at a regular pace once go back to my normal home. Thank you for the wonderful presents, and for thinking of me! I appreciate it! ^_^