Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Surprise on a Hot and Humid Summer Day

Hello friends of the internet! It has been SO hot and sticky these past few days. It's like the air is sweating! It leaves me feeling soggy even if I haven't been running around or sweating myself. With that said, I just couldn't stand staying inside another minute, no matter how cool and relaxing it was.

I was sitting out on the front lawn searching for four-leafed clovers when I heard the grass rustle ahead of me.

I looked up to see a girl with short, almost white blonde hair with a pair of sneakers slung over her shoulder, carrying a very full bag.

"Dang, I'm sweaty! It must be at least 3 billion degrees out here with 500% humidity, am I right?" She said, nearly out of breath and visibly perspiring.

I jogged closer to her and smiled.

"Yeah, it's pretty hot." I said, sort of awkwardly. "I'm Dani! May I ask, who are you?"
"Yeah yeah yeah, introductions, yada yada yada. First, I gotta sit down." She said as she re-positioned her load of stuff and walked by me to the steps of the porch.

I followed behind and sat down next to her once we were on the steps. She set down her bag and her pair of sneakers, wiggling her bare feet as she let out a great sigh and settled in. 
     "It is far too hot to wear these blasted canvas foot traps," she said, beckoning to her black sneakers. "I just needed to let my feet breathe. Bare feet are much more tolerable in weather such as this, wouldn't you agree?" 
I smiled and nodded, kicking my feet around. "Sandals are pretty nice, too," I remarked.
      "Ah, yes. Well, mine are all packed up, and I couldn't quite stop to put any on. Either way, I think I would prefer bare feet. Hmm, now, where were we before..." she paused. Before I could answer, she continued, "...Why, of course. Well, I'm Azalea Emmingsbrook, and I'm not really sure why I'm here." She faded off, looking over at me.

"Well, I suppose that's a bit of a long story..." I responded. 

I continued to tell her about time travel and the Midcoast Maine Time Traveling Base, as well as the other time traveling bases. She is from what we consider modern times (2013), but loves 60's and 70's music as well as hippy/bohemian styles when it comes to clothing. It's so cool to have a new arrival! I hope we can become better friends. Do you like to meet new people? How often do you meet a new person? What has the weather been like where you are?
This has been Dani, dabbling in meeting new people. Over and out!

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