Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day One in Wisconsin!

Hi friends! Last Monday, after we were done at the Lego Discovery Center, we hopped in the car and traveled to Wisconsin! We arrived later in the evening, so we went out the next day, Tuesday.

First, we went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison. We got ice cream and sat by Lake Mendota. I climbed up into the famous big orange chair--it was so tall, I had trouble getting back down!

After that, we walked around Madison some more and went to the capital building. I took off my shoes while we were walking because they were too hot.

We went up to the balcony on top of the capitol building and looked out across Madison. Skye is really afraid of heights, so she was freaking out, but I wasn't as scared. We were pretty high up, though!

Then, we walked up a hill to see a statue of Lincoln in his chair--like the one in D.C., only smaller. I climbed up to sit on his foot!

We took a bus back to the car, and then drove to Mount Horeb, where we went to a scenic outlook. You had to climb up a really tall tower to get there, so Skye almost didn't go up (because she's so afraid of heights), but I went right up! Here I am at the northern view.

We then walked across a field to get to the south tower--here I am in front of the southern view.

Day one in Wisconsin was so fun! Keep watching for my post about day two, soon to come!
This has been Dani, Dabbling in Wisconsin. Over and Out!

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