Monday, August 12, 2013

Lego Discovery Center!

Hey everyone! Last Monday (the day after I went to Chicago) I went to the Lego Discovery Center in Schaumberg, Illinois. It was so much fun!

First, we went into Mini Land, where the city of Chicago was built out of Lego!

The lighting in the room even changed so that it would look like morning, noon, or night!

After Mini Land, we went into the jungle area, where I immediately spotted a HUGE Lego tiger!

There were big Lego monkeys, too!

I looked up and saw a baby tiger.

And when I looked over I saw another baby Lego tiger!

I went over to investigate this large Lego hippo.

I screamed when we walked into the next room and saw this! It was so creepy and icky!

Next we walked into the Lego Star Wars room.

This scene from The Phantom Menace was my favorite in the room. Look at all of the mini figures in the stands! There were SO many Star Wars Legos! 

At the foot of the stairs to the second level was this Lego race car. The seat was just my size!

On the second floor was a movie theater, factory tour and building center, as well as this lion where you could pose for a picture!

Right outside of the gift shop on the bottom floor were these Harry Potter statues! I took a photo with Hagrid and Harry.

I had such an awesome time hanging out at the Lego Discovery Center! After that, we left to go to Wisconsin. Stay tuned to see the photos from my adventures there!
This has been Dani, dabbling in Legos. Over and out!

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