Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day Two in Wisconsin!

Hey there blogging buddies! Last Wednesday was my second, and final, day in Wisconsin.

I packed up my things and we all got into the car. Before we got onto the highway to leave, though, we stopped by the American Girl Headquarters in Middleton!!!

Here I am in front of the visitor's lobby. There was nothing for sale, though, but I got to look around. It was total awesomesauce!

After I was done looking around, we got onto the highway and started driving. The American Girl outlet store in Oshkosh was right next to the highway we were driving on, so we stopped by quickly to see what it was like!

Here's what it looked like on the inside. There wasn't as much of a selection, of course, but it was cool to see nonetheless. I had done all my shopping in Chicago, so I didn't buy anything.

When I was done looking, we got back into the car and began our drive to Michigan, our final destination! Stick around to see the rest of my adventures!
This has been Dani, dabbling at American Girl in Wisconsin. Over and out!

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