Thursday, August 22, 2013

Swimming at Little Glen Lake!

Hi guys! A lot of my time in Michigan was spent at Little Glen Lake. We would play games on the beach, go tubing, and swim!

On this particular day, I went out swimming for a little while before hopping in the boat to go tubing. Little Glen Lake is called that for a reason--you could walk for yards and yards and never have the water get higher than your waist, if that. We had to take the boat to the very middle of the lake to go tubing. Even then, when I would jump off the boat to go swimming, my feet would touch the bottom. 

After tubing, I sloshed through the warm water over to the dock, where I sat down to dry off and relax.

I dabbled my toes off the dock as water dripped from my hair and down my back and legs. I even watched a few teeny tiny fish swim by!

After a long day of playing in the water and sun, I was beginning to feel sleepy. I lay down my towel on the uneven, weathered wood of the dock and lay down.

I turned onto my stomach so the sun wouldn't be in my eyes. I breathed slowly, absorbing the sun smell of the space around me.

What a relaxing place. I love Glen Lake. Do you have a special lake you like to go to? Have you ever been tubing? What do you like to do on vacation?
This has been Dani, dabbling at Little Glen Lake. Over and out!


  1. Salut, Dani!
    Oh, I want your life so badly right now! You did some awesome things this summer! Sorry I didn't comment on all your posts. I've been busy, but I did read them. I became extremely jealous of your adventures! My best American friend Lilly is from Wisconsin, and I'd love to go there and visit her!

    Your day at Glen Lake looks so relaxing. I haven't really been to a lake, nor have I been tubing. My friend Lilly has, and she thinks it's a blast. I usually go to the beach and parasail over the Mediterranean with my dad and brother.


  2. Hi Sabine!
    Haha, I have had a great time this summer! It looks like you've had some great adventures too, though! Tubing is loads of fun, but parasailing over the Mediterranean?!? That sounds totally wicked! I'd love to try that sometime!
    I hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer! Thanks for leaving a comment! ^_^